It looks a little like the smooth driver in a do over! But I am anxious to give it a try. Gaming the Cobra ZL at the moment, which is fairly long and far easier to find fairways with. Very nice look, a little overkill on the wording, but I like the idea of and being light, super huge faces tend to make folks forget how to hit a club. Am I the only one that thinks it looks like the old Adams driver they they had 3 years ago? For me the most important part is the crown, the face and the sound.

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It looks a little like the smooth driver in a do over!

Wilson Staff DXi Superlight Driver

Wilson dxi superlight am intrigued by this one. Scott also loved the penetrating ball fl ight and suggested it was one of the most forgiving on test while James V also rated it highly. I debated at the end of my post, obviously I should have wilson dxi superlight at least one reader bogeyed it already. A better mousetrap always stimulates sales. Wilson Staff should the largest font on the club and everything else smaller.



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Topside looks really good. Since changing to Wilson Staff I have had my best and most consistant year ever. Revisited tech hardly ever works out. What wilson dxi superlight the headcover look like? Aug 18, 46 Comments.

Everything is slick, except the crest on the middle of the face. Jim Lee 7 years ago.

But, this tech is old. Otherwise if you can see it while you are addressing the ball or swinging, you need more than a swing coach.: Sign Up For Newsletters Receive insider analysis, wilson dxi superlight tips, equipment news, special offers and much more.

Roy 7 years ago.

Tom 7 years ago. Marko 7 years ago. Wilsno 7 years ago. ROWE 7 years ago. I the crest should be at the top, to point the directions of the wilson dxi superlight. Which basically means it allowed them to save some weight and at the same time expand the sweet spot.

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Wilson DXi Superlight Driver

Nice looking driver, very clean and classic with all the new technology. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Even so—if this thing hits it a ton, and holds the line, I could be convinced to live with the lettering on the sole. I really like the Wilson crest on the face. If you wilson dxi superlight Aesthetics are important, make the club look like a serious club instead of a Blinged-up, Big-5 wilson dxi superlight special.


Forgot to add that I really like the view from the top at address, including the alignment mark. BTW, I notice a general concensus that all the wilson dxi superlight are on cosmetics. I think it is a great looking driver.

Larry Townsend 7 years ago. I think Wilson is making a solid line of clubs all they need a couple wilson dxi superlight big time players carrying their bag to get people interested in what they are offering. Bob D 7 years ago. I find the Ozik Shafts to be a mixed wilsonn as well.