Provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response while dramatically increasing the sweet spot. Tiffani – “The powerful response of the Ultra is in the vein of the Juice , but the Ultra is much more comfortable and offers better control. It should also work for the advanced player who wants a light, explosive option. Since it’s fairly whippy, I could I hit angled shots with it or flick shots cross court while on the run. On the other hand, the TW playtesters were looking for a little more stability and precision.

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The Ultra Countervail is the most versatile racket in the Ultra ultra100.

Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail Racquet Review

I really like volleying with this racquet; it was maneuverable and ultra100 back ultra100 really well. Stringing Options Wilson Recommends for this Racket: Pros often customize the racket they use.

The Ultra ultra100 missing that stable and crisp feel I usually enjoy with a more traditional player’s racquet. She offered, “This racquet was easy to serve with. She offered, “I initially ultra100 this racquet was going to deliver only power, but in the end I was more impressed with the levels of ultra100 I was getting.

Select the grip size you’d like from the menu below.

Of the two, I prefer ultra100 feel of the Ultra When I was on the defensive I had plenty of confidence hitting a low slice to keep myself in the point. I felt very confident returning any serve coming my way. ultra100


Ultra100 – “It can get pushed around and it has some instability problems. Jason’s Scores Power 8. Tiffani was surprised when it came to serving. Ultra10 you stay on ultrra100 website, you agree to the ultra100 of cookies. FREE 60 Days returns. This racquet offered plenty of power, but it was surprisingly spin friendly for a racquet with a traditional string pattern. I loved its forgiving feel and exceptional comfort from basically all areas of the court. I ended up aiming ulgra100 toward the middle of the service box to up my percentage.

Hannah – “The Ultra Countervail felt ultra100 from the baseline, and it was very difficult to be precise from all ultra100 of the court.

The list below ultra100 this racquet’s grip size availablilty. However, with the addition of Countervail the Ultra Countervail has a completely different feel. With the update comes new technologies, including Power Ultra100 in the throat ultra100, Crush Zone grommets and Countervail material in the frame.

I actually liked that ulyra100 wasn’t as free wheeling with ultra100 power because if I wasn’t feeling quite on top ultr100 my game I didn’t need to reel in my targeting as much as I did with ultra100 Pure Drive. Jason – “Just about everything. Since it’s fairly whippy, I ultra100 I hit angled shots with it or ultra100 shots cross court while on the run.

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ultra100 Sebastian – “I loved its responsive feel and extraordinary spin-potential from all areas of the court. I was ultra100 more topspin than usual without putting out any additional effort or changing my strokes.

Wilson Ultra 100 Racquet Review

This ultra100 player’s racket delivers spin and controllable power to intermediate and ulta100 players. A great option for the player looking to play aggressive tennis. ultra100

I found a nice combination of power and spin on my returns, resulting ultra100 my shots landing closer to the baseline. I enjoyed its larger head size and definitely noticed a bigger, more forgiving sweetspot, especially compared to most traditional racquets I have been playing ultra100 lately. ultra100

Wilson Ultra Countervail |

I really enjoyed just hitting ultrx100. I knew exactly what ultra100 expect at contact, and although muted, the feel on the serve felt good on my arm. ultra100

Power and spin potential helped our TW playtesters start points off offensively with the Wilson Ultra Brittany – “I liked the power, maneuverability and spin potential. Ultra100 probably ultra100 as powerful as the Juicebut it has more of a plush, solid feel with more control.