I had to undock the laptop, liftup the lid, log on, and re-dock it. Docking station vs port replicator for Thinkpad T42p? I know this is a big deal on televisions but I’m not so sure when it comes to computers. Benefit of the minidock over the port replicator is that the minidock comes with a PSU, vs needing to reuse the laptop one with the port replicator. Or does it convert from analog to digital?

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I’m not sure if the signal is ever converted to analog as part of the process. Bought this for a new P51 laptop. Tue Dec 21, 9: My printers and other USB devices are attached to a different desktop machine which is on my wireless LAN so I have no need to connect printers directly to the thinpkad. Tue Dec 21, 2: It says in the product description on the site that resolution is limited to x through teh DVI port thinkpad port replicator, so thinkpad port replicator not so good.

No point in even running an thinkpad port replicator monitor if that’s all it will do. The list list of things that arent compatable with Belkin’s KVMs especially their low end models is legion. Do I have to detach this battery first?

Docks, Port Replicator, Ultrabase – Reference Guide

thinkpad port replicator The both monitors work perfect with my old thinkpad laptop Win 7 and its dock. I tried to hook up two monitors to it and it did not perform as replicaotr. The DVI port on the dock most definately works.


Died after the warranty return date. Mon Feb 20, 3: Thinkpad port replicator UltraDock has a substantial number and variety of ports. It provides all of the functionality I need with the addition ports for thinkpadd sndvUSB devises.

Lenovo ThinkPad Ultra Dock – port replicator

The Thinkpad T42 specs do not indicate how much thinkpad port replicator I can drive on an external monitor, at least not that I could find. Connecting AV receiver directly to laptop without dock resolves an issue. Other docking stations allow me to quickly find that ‘sweet spot’ to properly dock it; this one leaves me floundering for several seconds trying to find it. Also, I understand that you must use the USB ports alongside the laptop if you are using thinkpad port replicator than one peripheral.

Send E-Mail Please provide the following information so that we may thinkpad port replicator assist you. I do think think the replicator works with the ext battery. I got her goin’ — found this helpful movie at the IBM Website: Suggest thinkpxd to buy this product.

At least the investment will be minimal. While I really like my P71 laptop, I can’t say I’d go with Lenovo again due to this useless non-functioning device. Because Thinkpad port replicator know I can also connect it with a standard analog monitor cable.


Frankly I don’t even know if they are designed to cool better with the lid open or closed, but it seems that they should cool through the keyboard and that might not happen as well if it is run hard with thinkpad port replicator lid closed.

The dock comes with a W AC adapter to power and charge your mobile workstation notebook. So definitely an thinkpad port replicator issue not cable, not AV receiver So Lenovo was unable to fix this issue in few years.

Lenovo ThinkPad Workstation Dock – port replicator

thinkpad port replicator Apr 23, Posts: We’ve replicatlr had periodic problems with one or both of the connected monitors randomly losing signal for a few seconds. Are there any heat-related issues with running a Thinkpad for long periods in a port replicator with the lid closed?

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