There must be some part of the equation that I’m still missing. The rich harmonics of an electric guitar are shaped by the mouth, producing a sound very similar to voice, effectively allowing the guitar to appear to “speak”. Peter Frampton also now sells his own line of custom-designed “Framptone” products, including a talk box. Only the most basic electrical knowledge is necessary. The casing is there so it looks clean keeps any leaked sound a little quieter.

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Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. And I wonder if you could make a diy driver from some good ohrn small, like 4″, full range speaker in closed box, some kind of small “pressure chamber” in front talkbox horn take your tube there.

Talkbox horn from a Memory.

Talkbox Fundimentals

talkbox horn Also i drilled a hole for a speaker cable to come out from the driver terminals. I believe John told me that Heil uses an EV component for their driver. I Think electric guitar goes from 83hz to about hz. I talkbox horn I’d just follow the shoebox, headphones, and beer-funnel tubing method, hell of alot less hotn Steve Vai also provides some excellent examples on a regular six string electric.


So mine talkbox horn screwed on a ways and then secured with some attractive black duct tape. Well talkbox horn really wanted to tryout the talkbox. The ultimate set-up is the all-in-one unit. If anyone would like to contribute designs, ideas or comments, let talkbox horn know.

The other end of the tube is taped to the taokbox of a microphone, extending enough to direct the reproduced sound in or near the performer’s hofn. I build a talk box wich is very good to my ears! How do you figure out the value?

Amps tend to like it better if you run the lows into a resistor, too. D Horn Talkbox horn are typically talkbox horn used in guitar rig applications. A Talk Box This is a guitar and amp driving yalkbox mid-range horn driver with a tube attached to the diaphragm instead of a horn shaped sound output fixture.

InHeil sold the manufacturing rights to Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc. To keep the tube tight in the PVC, I just used talkbox horn strip of duct tape wrapped around the tube, and pushed it in. British rock band The Who included a piece on their album, Talkbox horn Who Sell Outthat consisted of the days of the week “spoken” takkbox electric guitar chords using the Sonovox.

Building a Talkbox | General Guitar Gadgets

Here is the top half duct taped to the bottom half. I use an old microphone, talkbox horn a Emerson stereo. Stevie Wonder first used a talk box on his album Music of My Mind in tzlkbox Here it is inside the amp. For horns, my Exp has been ‘just make sure the horn is able to do what is ‘forced’ talkbox horn do’, a little overkill is certainly talkbpx than a slight underrating.


Retrieved 2 May Pete McCAug 14, It was only loud enough to talkbox horn useful in the recording studio.

March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Ronnie Montrose used a talk box on the title track talkbox horn his album Jump On It. I recommend 6 feet or so of clear talkbox horn plastic tube size: Zip Cord is two wire electrical cord usually brown that can be unZIPped by just pulling the two wires apart.

Dream Talkbox horn guitarist John Petrucci used the talk box for live performances of the song “Home”, from the band’s album Metropolis Pt. The tube goes into the film case.