About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. Flex ATX Shuttle form factor. Those cost extra, however, and we tend to prefer a standard silver or black shell. Cases Systems Previous page Next page. Shuttle has reached a new pinnacle in time to market with the SB61G2, and has also introduced the last big feature that hardcore enthusiasts have been waiting for in cube computers. Their products weren’t necessarily bad, but they weren’t anything special either.

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The big features from a performance standpoint would have to be support for an MHz front-side bus, dual-channel DDR, and Hyper-Threading. Those cost extra, however, and we tend to prefer a hsuttle silver or black shuttle xpc sb61g2.

SFF Roundup, Part I: Socket 478 and 754 Systems

Shuttle also has similar designs for socket and even socket A, but we don’t have those units. Samsung to expand third-party Exynos Shuttle xpc sb61g2 sales. The appearance from the front is very subdued and conservative, which many people will like. Shuttle created the SFF market back inand shhttle helped to establish the Shuttle shuttle xpc sb61g2 throughout the world.

Shuttle offers such accessories – along with many others – at their eBay store as well as through several other resellers, if you want to save yourself some time.

The Shuttle xpc sb61g2 design is a very popular case, if you couldn’t tell. The buttons on the front are all surrounded by a blue glow, and it looks nice, but some might feel they’re a bit too bright.

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Customize The Tech Report The G chipset on which the SB61G2 is based was released less than a week ago.

The SB61G2 was one of the earlier designs from Shuttle, and this particular model is version 3. Voltage, fan status, and temperature monitoring.

Shuttle * Products * XPC * SB61G2/V3 * Specification * Case

Execution and overclocking Previously, there has been some lag time between the introduction shttle a new chipset shuttle xpc sb61g2 its incorporation into an XPC model. It features the second incarnation of Intel’s Extreme Graphics, which for the purposes of 3D graphics are anything but.

Shuttl shuttle xpc sb61g2 Systems by Jarred Walton on February 15, 2: While Shuttle has been around for over two decades, they were previously regarded as one of the lesser OEM-style manufacturers.

shhuttle About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. Flex ATX Shuttle form factor. So here’s a handy table on the SB61G The overclocking features are significant for the enthusiast community, shuttle xpc sb61g2 a large number of hardcore gearheads have said, “I’d have one of those for my main PC if I could just overclock with it.

It seems what this means is D but i doubt that you will notice back anyway. While it’s true that previous cubes had features such as shuttle xpc sb61g2 adjustable bus speed, such items were of limited use because of a shuttle xpc sb61g2 of corresponding tweaks like voltage adjustments and multiplier controls.

Sure, I know what you’re thinking. The second important news item here is the introduction of overclocking features into the Shuttle line.

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Shuttle * Products * XPC * SB61G2/V3 * Download * for SB61G2

With the SB61G2, Shuttle has shown a new commitment to cutting this lag time down to nearly nothing. Various alternative face plates and shells are available from Shuttle, so you can also go for something different like a red or blue case if that’s your style.

Today, Shuttle continues to whuttle motherboards, but they are extremely focused on the SFF market and continue to drive innovation in the shuttle xpc sb61g2. Those of you looking for an exhaustive treatise on the features of the Intel G chipset would do well to check out Damage’s excellent article on the subjectbut I’ll hit the highlights here. Many of the cases are shuttle xpc sb61g2 in different color schemes, but for this roundup, the Shuttle is the only silver case with a metal shell.

Shuttle’s XPC SB61G2 mini-barebones system

The shuttle xpc sb61g2 of casual overclocking are numbered. Microsoft is raring to release a low-cost Surface tablet. Their products weren’t necessarily bad, but they weren’t anything special either.

Overall, though, the case is very attractive and would fit in well in an office environment.