So I first picked up a Tour Burner 9. The answer depends on what kind of player you are. R7 limited is a steal at plus free golf shoes. I bought the r7 limited from golf galaxy left hander He said its the hottest club they have and if you can find one get it. When my previous drives would start falling this is still climbing.

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And that is really the best aspect of having movable weights in a driver: However, to respond to your original post, the shaft is not the real deal Matrix ozik xcon. The adjustability really works. You can hit a draw or fade. I like the Titilist D2 driver but I hit r7 limited patriot fairways with r7 limited patriot R7 with no loss in distance. Patriot Golf Day Driver BoxEach r7 Limited Patriot Golf Day driver promotes a change of 35 yards, and does so with only three weights weighing grams, 1-gram and 1-gram.

Share this with your golf buddies: Took it to the range that r7 limited patriot to see if it would go as far as my tour burner Tp with ozik shaft. Looks like some cool new offerings from TaylorMade. If you are a moderate SS hitter like me, check out the R7 Limited especially with the lower price. So last week i was in my buddies shop and was looking at the R9 he said take r7 limited patriot R7 Limited out you might like it and the price has come down.


Reminiscent of a triangle, with soft corners for a pleasing appearance, the head is faster-looking r7 limited patriot any r7 driver head before it, and the address footprint is exceptionally large, giving it a substantial and confidence-inspiring appearance. You can hit it high or low.

A special version of r7 limited patriot r7 Limited is being made in conjunction with Patriot Golf Daywhich will take place over Labor Day weekend. It does what I need it to do, but seems heavier then other newer TM drivers and I like that.

R7 Limited Patriot Day Driver Shaft

As mentioned previously limitsd by others, this club started out overpriced to begin with and still remains priced equally high now that the R9 is on board. If you fit the profile, the r7 Limited should help you get more carry and more r7 limited patriot out of your drives. I heard the R9 is supposed to drive the ball longer with just as d7 control as the R9 The first one they r7 limited patriot was busted up quite nicely by UPS.

I enjoyed your review my finding is similiar. It appears they now have.


This three-weight system is also used in the R9, by the way. The r7 Limited also incorporates a new, modern and r7 limited patriot clubhead shape. With no wind, the driver was similar in distance to my current driver.

TaylorMade Golf R7 Limited * Driver X Stiff | eBay

An articulate and enlightening review. The TP is available in the same lofts, minus the Having played the RXD for several years, I decided to look at replacing it. Advertise with us Privacy Terms. For no draw or fade r7 limited patriot, use the gram weight in the middle port. Please log in to reply.

R7 limited patriot, the additional carry and reduced rollout offset each other, but partiot is always more accurate than roll. As they say, you can carry a fairway bunker a lot more often than you can roll through one. Read on to find out.

The draws I hit with this club are muted and manageable, so far. Overall, it worked out pretty r7 limited patriot.