In order to further contribute to the development of the communities where the Group works, Instituto Positivo will act alongside the units of the group, collaborators, students and partners. All this careful infrastructure was planned to offer the best teaching conditions, in addition to being a model of space to exercise the citizenship. This Code was created with the participation of several managers and deep research of the organizational culture of the Group. The Positivo Experience in the Paper Industry Also in the paper industry of Brazil, Positivo offered its contribution taking quality teaching to the children of workers since the s. The initiative allows the content from the three years to be given in-depth in two years, improving the preparation and avoiding the focus of the study only on the last year of school before the exam. With an unique infrastructure, it has an environment that enhances the learning process. In addition, it received several regional and national awards in view of the quality of the printing materials, such as:

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After 16 years dedicated to elementary school, high school, and college entrance examination preparation courses, and with a consolidated educational program, the Grupo Positivo extended its action to higher education.

Japanese schools that had as students the children of Brazilian expats who worked there, called the dekassegui, adopted the didactic material and therefore became partner schools. Ex-dividend day for final dividend. Projeto Positivo informatica InEditora Positivo launched the collection Projeto Eco, which was created based on a multidisciplinary learning proposal devoted to elementary school students. The Company is informaticz to invite you to positivo informatica in its 1Q17 Earnings Conference Calls, as positivo informatica.

It was also positivo informatica first Brazilian printing house to win the ISOwhich is the international validation of the inventory of Positivo informatica Gas Emissions GEEallowing the company to negotiate carbon credits with companies poxitivo wish to compensate for environmental aggressions. Along 15 days, the classes had more than three million views from students all over the country.

This was the start of Positivo, marked by creativity, innovation and a comprehensive ;ositivo of the needs of the students.


With an unique infrastructure, it has an environment that enhances the positivo informatica process. Paulo brought about another innovation of the Positivo course to the students who are about to take the college entrance examinations in all Brazil.

More positivo informatica the company.

The purchase of the second web press marked the start of prospecting new clients. Positivo Informatics started its activities in with the initial goal of producing and selling computers to schools of the Positivo Group throughout Brazil. Aimed at students of several age groups — and also to special needs students and to the education of teens and adults — it uses technology applied to education in a multisensory way, associating hardware, software and concrete material for an interactive, collaborative and interesting work with the students.

The quality of the positivo informatica material and the experience of the proposal submitted made positivo informatica than 84 thousand students in the first year positivo informatica adopt the Aprende Brasil Teaching System in several cities and states of the positivo informatica.

It is that story, guided by a strong entrepreneurial force, that you now accompany in the timeline of Grupo Positivo. Having the Brazilian consumer in mind, Ypy already comes with more than 50 applications installed in Portuguese and with a keyboard adapted to our language.

Soon after the adoption of Mata do Uru was confirmed, Gabriel Campanholo passed away. This school currently houses students since child education until the 9th year of elementary positivo informatica.

A Great Teaching Evolution The year started with a new teaching mode: All comparisons herein refer positivo informatica 4Q15, except where otherwise indicated.

Positivo Informática muda de nome para dar ênfase à tecnologia | Gazeta do Povo

In the following year, the Positivo Teaching System reached the Asian country. Posigraf was the first printing press in Brazil to obtain the ISO certification positivo informatica attests to the implantation of the environmental management system for positivo informatica continuous improvement and the monitoring and reduction of impact as a result of the activity, positivo informatica recycling.

Developing innovative products and combining high technology with affordable prices, soon it won the trust of domestic and international markets.


Infrastructure, management model, course syllabus, and the integration between health services in the public network and in the partner hospitals positivo informatica all evaluated. Driven by determination and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, they influenced the fate of several generations oositivo students developing a new standard of educational quality.

In Brazil, a dedicated team of developers provides the necessary support positivo informatica more than 9, points of sale that receive their products.

Positivo informatica 10 years after the creation of its first university course, the Grupo Positivo had an important positivo informatica In the positivo informatica year, sales to corporations began and they were reinforced in with the creation of a business unit informstica to meet the demands of the companies.

Thus, the educational undertaking of the Grupo Positivo starts its own publishing house, located at a small garage in the neighborhood of Cristo Rei in Curitiba. With 2, seats, the Teatro Positivo is among the largest venues of the country dedicated to of shows and the performing arts. Thus, the thumbs up trademark was born.

Positivo Informática muda de nome para dar ênfase à tecnologia

The creation of Ypy is another proof of the vocation of Grupo Positivo, which is also searching positivo informatica new ways to act on the intelligence of people and promote human development. The growing importance of the computer in the daily lives of people, especially positivo informatica and teenagers, led Positivo to invest in the electronic version of its didactic material. Editora Positivo The success of the Positivo Teaching System and the launching of new didactic materials paved the way to the Editora Positivo.

Positivo informatica is an evolution that was approved by parents and students that packed the classrooms.