This means that even if you have a fair bit of experience in image editing, you may find that it takes time to master this peculiar piece of software. Test report Plustek film scanner OpticFilm i In August of Plustek introduced the slide scanner OpticFilm i as a new device to the market – it’s a consistent advancement of the Plustek OpticFilm i. I bought the Plustek after not getting decent 35mm results from the Epson Keith. In addition the scanning speed is intolerably slow. As soon as one connects the scanner to the power and through USB to the computer, the scanner is recognized immediately and the assistant to add hardware is started.

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After typing in the serial number from the CD cover, scanning can opricfilm. This opticfilm 7500i the density range is supposed to increase. Just to put things in perspective, if I posted the full frame at, say, x pixels, you would be hard pressed to find where the crops come from – they opticfilm 7500i such a tiny portion of the frame.

Your name or email address: While I don’t think opticfilm 7500i much, if any, extra detail visible in the ppi scan over what you can see in the ppi one, the ppi scan holds together very well and I would probably use it if I was to have opticfil, very large print made.

The provided film holder for 35mm film strips takes a strip opticfilm 7500i up opticfilm 7500i six pictures, or also several smaller film strips with accordingly fewer pictures or individual single pictures. This test report describes the test object as we have received and tested it.


This in combination with the very fast scanning and opticfilm 7500i USB 2. The image files reach by the way approx. Subscribe to Product News.

Plustek OpticFilm i – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

Opticfilm 7500i still rather have a dpi scanner than a dpi at best flatbed. Images are faded and I would like to try and restore some of the color.

The film is scanned similary to the ICE procedure by an infrared ray, so that changes or irregularities on the film surface can be recognized and removed. That’s what the Plustek should learn too! Linden i – L. Cardboard frames must be handled very careful to avoid bending of the cardboard due to the tension of the spring. Inserting long opticfilm 7500i film strips into the holder is simple and problem-free, whereas inserting curved or bowed film strips proves as extremely problematic, since there is no clamping mechanism or opticfilm 7500i similar.

I bought the Opticfilm 7500i after not getting decent 35mm results from the Epson Keith. Ultimately in opticfilm 7500i 6.

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The purpose of multiple scans opticfilm 7500i to minimize the coincidentally arising picture noise – particularly in dark picture portions. The fact that the scans without iSRD at dpi and dpi take almost the same time, is because of the fact that the scanner does not opticfilm 7500i an optical resolution of dpi and thus switches to the next higher resolution available in this case dpi scans the picture and shrinks it afterwards.

A skillful, additional treatment of pictures is helpful here. A detailed manual is given on CD as PDF; a opticfilm 7500i version of the manual doesn’t exist, thus one has to print it by oneself.

OpticFilm i Small picture film scanner Optical resolution: It’s a pity, that the Plustek requires manual shifting of the opticfil opticfilm 7500i into the next position after each slide.


Plustek OpticFilm 7500i SE Scanner

The current issue of shutterbug, I believe april issue, addressed the quality of the Plustek i SE film scanner as being the BEST 35mm film 750i ther author had used. Multi-Sampling was replaced opticfilm 7500i our much more powerful Multi-Exposure. Even worse is that the iSRD function touches some fine details in the picture and causes picture errors. According to our experience one opticfilm 7500i not need to activate the time consuming multi-exposure function.

Test report Plustek film scanner OpticFilm 7500i

You can tell the scanner whether you opticfilm 7500i scanning a negative or a transparency, whether you want to open the scanned photo in Presto! Whoever needs just occasionally a scan can wait minutes for a scan in highest resolution.

In opticfilm 7500i to demonstrate you the weaknesses of the iSRD function, we have scanned the shown motive once with and once without iSRD. Don’t get fooled by the reasonable price.

It suprised me thats why I remember opticfilm 7500i opinion.

Now look at the thin concentric lines in both crops. But, since high resolution is one of the main selling points of this scanner, I was curious to find out whether it could outperform a lot more expensive yet theoretically lower-resolution opticfilm 7500i of a leading opticfilm 7500i. Slides come out amazingly sharp and vivid.