One was identified properly but the other one picked up a name I have never heard of, and that appears no where on the statement. Sandy – March 23, Reply. I black out all account numbers for anything going to the Cloud. Joseph Risby – November 21, Reply. Thanks all for sharing your comments, suggestions and thoughts. I select the document by clicking on it in the folder and hit the hot key.

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Joseph Risby – November 21, Reply. I have had Neat Desktop neat receipts Jane Quade – November 9, Reply. David Stone is an award-winning freelance writer and computer industry consultant. I love tell fast that got through the nearly five reams of paper with that scanner…. I have never been that happy with it……but my needs are fairly simple and I was used neat receipts receiptz.

neat receipts Neat keeps telling me I have an update available. Called them up to make sure they were real and they helped me migrate my old stuff.

Neat Scanners | eBay

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Or the tell me they will give it to their programmers. Now reading these comments, especially neat receipts the writers that seem to have a pretty good grip on computer tech. I tried Paperless but it did not have a decent means of categorizing things. Neat stopped their Legacy desktop support early this year.


They used to sell a really good scanner, now they are just scalping the neat receipts time users of their product. I have had several documents just neat receipts that I had to re-scan. At this point, more than half of the documents have not made it to the cloud and the legacy software is crashing every 5 minutes and must be restarted for the Sync to continue. After a two year experiment with ShoeBoxed and much frustration and forever lost receipts I came upon the NeatWorks software.

I have an older MAC Neat receipts. I may not want to do that neat receipts I am traveling the world, running my business for anywhere. I hate neat receipts crap! Comes with USB cord. If you want to access your data you must continue paying the fees.

What ultimately made me decide not to use Neat Cloud is that there was even less leeway for creating my own categories, so it limited my ability neat receipts organize the info in ways Recepts neat receipts to. There was also a disk with free PDF software included in the package and it will not install either.


The company making the software improves their bottom line. The software wants to update itself. Hardware neat receipts Setup The hardware side of NeatReceipts is a lightweight portable scanner with pixel-per-inch ppi optical resolution, which is more than enough for scanning neat receipts or other documents.

When a company has such a loyal following it seems foolish to kick neta in the teeth. As I’ve pointed out in comparing earlier versions of NeatReceipts with Neat receipts, you may prefer either approach over the other. Steve – April 29, Reply.


Neat receipts also receive paperless tips every two weeks via the very popular Paper Reeceipts. Some of the comments above are helpful with respect to migrating my Neat data, so thanks for that!

In excellent pre-owned condition with all original cords, documents etc and in original packaging. Sandy Neat receipts – February 27, Reply. Thanks for stopping by.