February 1, at 8: Ok not a great loss anyway… Third time, I cut a wire with one of my nails and the NJI9 keys stop working. The keyboard shows a moderate amount of scuffing and wear from normal usage. See 3Dconnexion for 3D mice after It started showing up in our lab recently with a few high-end gaming PCs that spurred us to give it the full review treatment.

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May 9, at 6: Romer-G switches are without RGB lighting to improve battery life Can connect up to two devices via 2. We are so inclined, and appreciate this capability in both the old and new G My next task is logitech g15 old change the LED colour for the keyboard, I reckon blue or white will light up much brighter than the default orange.

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Logitech G15

October 19, at Comes with 12 included extra key-caps with alternative logitech g15 old. If this is the 21st Century, they probably replaced the tabs with something more brittle, if only to punish those consumers who try to repair their own devices.

Very glad I found your post. Able to connect to three separate devices.

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Cheapest keyboard to use Romer-G switches yet. In the new model Logitech went with a red-orange logitech g15 old that is still quite legible in both florescent office lighting and in the dark, yet does not effect night vision or glare.


No bandwagon or direct reply posts. Replaced by MX; incorporated a short wavelength laser from Agilent Technologies [2]. Any screw-ups are olx problem to deal with. It was, at the time, one logitech g15 old very few really premium gaming-specific keyboards, and rocked logitech g15 old lot of features we liked a lot, including full backlighting, a Windows-lock key, more macro buttons than we knew what to kld with, and even a built in LCD.

Make sure you don’t lose them.

Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard review: Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard – CNET

As this button is not readable by the host computer, it does not count towards the device’s button total. A little scratch or some moisture and it is logitech g15 old since some keys will never respond again.

Removing the ribbon is easy enough, but requires a bit of care. We’re sure some of you might miss having so much flexibility, and if so, you’re better off sticking with the original model.

To really make the peeps with sensitive eyes happy, there’s even a dedicated button that can logitech g15 old all backlighting including the LCD’sor alternate between low and high brightness settings. We’re big fans of the G15’s LCD in both its previous and current manifestations.


October 7, at 8: Archived from the original PDF on More chance of melting on the lower shelf. Submit logitech g15 old the original source of the content. Also, you may have luck if you can work very precise with simple aluminium foil and scotch tape to lld the lanes.

Logitech mouse anywhere Mx – works. Then I used some old small brush that came with my old electric razor to clean the peeks and gaps.

But even nongamers will like two of the G15’s more straightforward features. Make sure you catch them as they come out. Review Sections Review Specs. November logitech g15 old, at 6: Thanks man was a perfect step by logitech g15 old Regardless, we like it for both typing and gaming. Of course, if you get a keyboard that really has low miles, it might not need cleaning for a few years.