I found that I get incredible rock and roll tone by using the “tube screamer” model with whatever amp model I happen to be using. I’ve had this about a year, but have a full time career, so I still haven’t figured out all the many things this baby can do. The control layout is logical, and easy to learn. If you change the Ship-To country, some or all of the items in your cart may not ship to the new destination. See all my reviews.

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Line 6 POD XT Pro Guitar Multi Effects Processor | Musician’s Friend

Check the Line 6 website for compatibility. Live, in small settings, I can just simply run the Bass Pod through the foldback monitors, and for larger settings I can feed an on-stage amp as well as sending the effected signal to the mixing line 6 pod xt pro.

I was using the line 6 model of the Bottom line is, I love most everything about this I just hope they add some more cabs in the future models, output tube modeling, and tube bias adjustments would be outstanding as well.

The noise gate on the POD did absolutely nothing to remedy this issue. Most Liked Negative Review. Very Good See Pictures.


So I have to send back the unit that I thought was the gear of my dreams. I can’t take 8 amp heads and 24 pedals to a gig, but I can with this thing.

Take a quantum oro in your access to killer tones and effects in a unit many pros consider an indispensable studio tool. Awesome toy lins many cool features. Up for sale is the desktop modeler that started the whole modeling craze. Also the addition of a digital out etc Pedalboard is in great used condition. What it does do, without much fuss, is allow you to dial in a wide variety of sounds. Folk Instrument Buying Guides. Line 6 pod xt pro Line 6 Bass PODxt Pro line 6 pod xt pro 28 amp models, 22 cab models, and more than 50 stompbox and studio effects to make this a must-have for the contemporary bassist.

Korea See all my reviews.

The front panel controls are not as intuitive but still pretty easy to pick-up with a bit of study in short order. Guitar Amp Buying Guides.

I couldn’t be happier. I’m really impressed by the control you have over every amp and effect. Works perfectly without any problems. All In One Effects Pedal! Hard to justify the expense if I do it again.


Line 6 Pod XT

This pod is in great condition oine with power supply and original box and paper work. Sell or toss out your old pedals because the Pod can do everything they could do and more, with less tangled cords and t Reverse Delay is cool!

Line 6 Pod XT Line 6 pod xt pro. The amp sims xxt pretty good. Displaying reviews Back to top. If you are looking to record your sound, it’s too easy and fun. What more do you need? It is line 6 pod xt pro a digital box that replicates many prp analog tones In the studio the re-amping feature is so easy, and truth be told really fun to play around with. This alluring Line 6 guitar processor features a high-powered treadplate head with 1×8 speaker cab miked off-axis and stereo delays, so that you can amplify your fuzz with a delay effect.

The Boss GT-6B for bass has’em.