Back to Top 5. When you have a standard interface to instrument drivers, you can work more quickly because you do not need to learn a new interface for each new instrument. For example, range checking occurs as it does when a physical instrument is present. With state caching, only the frequency parameter is sent to the instrument each time you run the VI. Interchangeable Virtual Instruments, or IVI, is a revolutionary standard for instrument driver software technology. Selecting help for Initialize method.

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Previous LabVIEW drivers indicated the valid ranges for settings indirectly through the online documentation for each labview ivi. Under the General tab, you can enable labvieww disable initialization options.

Using dotted properties and methods.

With state caching, only the frequency labview ivi is sent to the instrument each time you run labview ivi VI. Range checking is enabled by default, but you can disable it after you debug your application in order to increase execution speed.

Using IVI Drivers in LabVIEW

See All Countries and Regions. To reduce any discrepancies, labview ivi driver coerces or rounds values to the actual value that the instrument uses internally. To verify the values you are planning to send the instrument, while you develop the test application.

The IVI Engine uses these settings when it runs your test application. The IVI Engine uses the default labview ivi listed below whenever you do not name a feature in the option labview ivi.

Recent Drivers  CTL 470K DRIVER DOWNLOAD

An instrument driver is a set of software routines that control a programmable instrument. Users build their programs by calling the standard functions in the class drivers.

The Foundation’s goals are to define standard specifications for programming common test instrument capabilities. This app note cannot be implimented labview ivi the version of MAX referenced is obsolete. For example, if an oscilloscope is connected to your PC through the GPIB bus with an address of 2you can use labview ivi of the labview ivi approaches:.

Therefore, you will generate errors if you attempt to use both approaches. Instrument drivers are an integral labview ivi in modern automated test systems. The IVI Foundation also specifies the programmatic interface for these different classes of instruments. Viewing context help for AutoRange property. In IVI drivers, an attribute represents each area that you can configure in an instrument. Interchangeable Virtual Instruments, or IVI, is a revolutionary standard for instrument driver software technology.

The class driver knows which specific instrument driver to call and what attributes to call when you configure a logical name in MAX and pass it to the class driver’s Initialize VI. With those drivers, high-level Labview ivi might combine lzbview number of instrument settings into a labview ivi VI.

You have vii completed all sections and learned how to configure an IVI system in MAX, run a sample program in the simulation mode, and interchange instruments.

Instrument drivers simplify instrument control and reduce test program development time by eliminating the need to learn the labview ivi protocol for each instrument. When the VI performs a frequency sweep, only the frequency parameter changes. Standardization does not restrict your labview ivi to access individual or unique capabilities of a specific instrument.


This technique burdens you with inserting error-query VIs throughout the application to verify operation at various stages. Agilent IO Laabview Suite version The VI configures the parameters for a function generator pabview sets the waveform shape, amplitude, offset, labview ivi, and start phase for a waveform.

IVI Driver Library – National Instruments

Each routine corresponds to labview ivi programmatic operation such as configuring, reading from, writing to, and triggering the instrument.

The IVI Driver Library also includes a soft front panel for each class driver for interactively controlling any instrument that fits in the class.

After completing the example, you will be able to perform the following tasks: Labview ivi drivers are an indispensable tool to help you rapidly develop test and measurement applications. In IVI drivers, an instrument handle serves as the identifier.

Error checking includes consideration of rounding performed by specific labview ivi. Learn more about our privacy policy.