But this had one major drawback: So why can’t this battery last longer? The IRDA port works now. In normal default it’s already pretty quiet. Windows 7 32bit Windows 7 bit Windows 8 bit Windows 8 bit Windows 8.

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When I tried to remove the journal some strange things happened which I can’t recall nor explain which resulted in a ib of both partitions. This is what dmesg spits out about the cpu: Only RAM, the network controller and the system fan are kept running. And now guess which is the weakest. Dunno if this is device or driver or ibm r31 thinkpad specific. I got myself a MB usb memory stick which plays really nicely sort of with the machine. The usability is really high with it, only minor things make some trouble, but ib, might be ibm r31 thinkpad to my stupidity or might gotten out of the way in the future.

Update about how to spin down the hdd to save some energy Texas Instruments PCI found, 2 rr31. This is important for e.

After long and hard tries I managed to get it working by installing Win98 and then use the sleep thimkpad. Without ibm r31 thinkpad What I find a little confusing is the fact that the boss of the place where I got my Ibn tried to sell me a battery for the UltraBay If you want us to review it drop us a line and we just might bump it to the front of our reviews queue.

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ibm r31 thinkpad

Laptop Service Manual: IBM THINKPAD R30_ R31

The slot is rather thinlpad, as if 2 slots where there. Unscored No review score yet. The one from Dean Jones local copyPaul Sladen ‘s duracell. Doesn’t work ibm r31 thinkpad me though.

Rescue and Recovery 4. Quite useful to save some battery time.

There are 2 slots, 2 ibm r31 thinkpad on the controller but only one is actually connected. They are, but how, don’t know yet, haven’t looked at that yet. The brightness of ibm r31 thinkpad screen is fine for me. Normal graphics is supported through the i driver, but if you want to have dri you need to get xfree4. The cd drive is pretty quiet in normal mode already and there is even the mode “silent” on the bios to get it even more quiet.

Anyway, I installed new and use ext2 now. Before vendor init, caps: Below is my old stuff.

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We can’t tell you the pros and cons because we haven’t reviewed it yet. Hard drive firmware update Bootable ibm r31 thinkpad – ThinkPad General I just found a nice tool to resize ntfs partitions.

Not that useful for normal folks but features are nice ;- You can block access to the bios, hard drive and the system in general with passwords. Info about how to use a usb memory stick, an Update about not being able to use a ultrabay battery, another Update that apci can now ibm r31 thinkpad work including Howto and yet another Update that Ibm r31 thinkpad seems to work after all.

Two persons sitting beside each other will see quite some different pictures. Update about xinerama dualhead capabilities Mine hung when I tried it but thats maybe because I use a boot-up password.