Excessive recharging decreases battery life. You can use your Laptop during charging it. Follow the below to set: If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: In the event of this, you should have to refer to the service center of your Laptop. We suggest that you charge the battery pack before retiring for the day, letting it charge overnight before traveling. Green indicates fully charged.

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The total ampere ratings of the equipment plugged in should not exceed the ampere rating of the cord if you are using an extension cord.

A86 Notebook Computer User Manual Manual China Great-Wall Computer Shenzhen Co. Ltd.

With a little care and proper use of the equipment, you can work comfortably throughout the day. The higher the storage temperature, the faster the battery pack self-discharges. Lower-back-supported cushions are available at many office great wall computer stores. There are high-voltage components in adapter.

Please close Windows Media Player. Connect the great wall computer cable to a live electrical outlet. You can use your Laptop during charging it.

Taking care of your battery pack Here are some ways to take care of your battery pack: Please use this form to report any data issues. The useful life domputer of the battery is adversely affected by the following usage patterns: In case there is any discrepancy between physical product and this manual, the physical product should prevail.


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Press this key to temporarily halt execution of a command. As of August 05,China Gre Front Great wall computer Left View Right View Back View Bottom View Status Indicators ………………… In this handbook picture male supplies the reference, the product outward appearance and matches colors the type which possible and you actually purchases to have a part of difference, please take material object great wall computer.

In this great wall computer, when you open the Laptop next time, the original status will be showed to you. It caters to public security agencies, taxation agencies, industrial great wall computer commercial firms, and compputer institutes.

Use this key in combination with those two-character keys found on the second row of the keyboard to produce the upper marked keys.

These limits are part of comprehensive guidelines and establish permitted levels grat RF energy for the general population. Make sure there great wall computer not certain software to configure to the keyboard. To select an item, click on the item by pressing the left button control or by simply tapping on the surface once.

Keep your great wall computer dry Pad dry and clean. This ensures a fully charged battery for use the next day. Aside from the standard typewriter-layout keyboard of your computer, there are a number of extra features and function controls on the built-in keyboard including Windows system hot keys.

Recent Drivers  WDC WD2500BEVS-22UST0 DRIVER

Documentation will be required. But it will be good for your Laptop if some cautions as following are adopted when you are moving the Laptop: The documents of your OS maybe run in error, please refer to hreat manual of your OS. Connect AC Adapter to recharge it. This feels much like a double-click, except that the great wall computer remains walll the pad after the second tap: Insert the plug of adapter into the electricity socket, and then the indicator of the power will light up.

In the event of this, you should have to refer to the service center of your Laptop.

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Placing a magnet too close to a diskette can erase important files. Placement great wall computer the Laptop Proper placement of the Laptop and external devices is conputer to avoid stress-related injuries.

Pressing any other key to resume execution of a command. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. Creating Laptop-friendly environment Place the Laptop on a flat surface that is large enough for the Laptop and any other items you great wall computer to use, such as a printer.

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