Play view large image. The 7″ screen is bright with good contrast. I think that is hogwash. The packaging is very consumer friendly and feminine with comforting images of happy Eee PC users. My own cold boot is atrocious, but a Pocketables reader is cold booting his heavily tweaked TZ in 38 seconds. These folks might not want to guide their pals into a completely closed solution. Applications are sorted by Internet, Work, Learn, and Play.

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ASUS Eee PC 2G Surf

Spend more money and you will get a mAh rated for 3. I found the touchpad well made but it took some serious tinkering to get eee pc 2g surf setup the way I like it. The weight is only 7 pounds. Mouse buttons Housed beneath the single strip of silver plastic below the touchpad are the left and right mouse buttons.

BenQ introduced its newest laptop model, the Joybook Q By using our website, you are agreeing to the use of Cookies. Considering the compromises in performance, I would have liked to see more life away from the plug. Granted, those who buy this model already knowingly commit to having the least amount of storage in the Eee PC lineup available to them.

When you grab an Eee PC off the shelf at your local computer store, you will probably do a double take at the box.


Though eee pc 2g surf impossible to work around, eee pc 2g surf a conscious effort to press only the middle of the space bar negatively affects initial typing speed.

Asus Eee PC 2G Surf User Review

Asus have done a good job trimming the sutf and hiding eee pc 2g surf scarier elements of Linux from the casual user. This last method does not work when you have Firefox maximized and full screen F Wurf only takes a short while to get used to the size and key feel. Those who use the touchpad solely for navigation and scrolling should encounter no problems.

With a smaller Linux distribution installed your experience might differ, but we are talking out of the box experience here.

But as someone that taps his mouse pad instead of button clocks, it took a while to get the Eee PC to register clicks reliably. Left side view view large image. She loves gadgets the eee pc 2g surf most women love shoes and purses. Realistically, concurrent applications should be the limit — unless you are really patient.

10 reasons not to buy the Asus Eee PC 2G Surf

Play view large image. Its eee pc 2g surf mouse button is firm and feels durable. These folks might not want to guide their pals into a completely closed solution. On either side of the screen are speakers. You can change your settings at any time.

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Missing from the device are the following: It seems silly using this device tethered to a powercord. Processing power eee pc 2g surf from an Intel Core 2 Duo chip. Certain revisions of the 4G model have socketed memory, others do not.

Touchpad responsiveness The touchpad sensitivity can be customized, but I still find its tapping responsiveness and consistency questionable even when “Enable faster tapping” is checked and “Tapping eee pc 2g surf is set to “Short” in the touchpad settings menu.

The packaging 2h very consumer friendly and feminine with comforting images of happy Eee PC users. The launch tabs can be accessed by clicking the home icon on the taskbar or pressing the home key on the keyboard.

The main display is eew Learn view large image.

Chipset is the venerable Intel GML with integrated graphics shared memory. In addition to having less available space than expected, the 2G Surf also has fewer applications than its siblings.