Parkhurst died in and it was supposedly at that time, while examining the body prior to burial that Charley’s true gender was discovered. At the age of 21, he sailed to Panama and crossed the Isthmus, before settling in San Pedro, California. Avoiding the toll gate to Mountain Charley Road at Patchen, the stagecoach proceeded straight ahead up to the Schultheis ranch, then turned southeast down the ridge to pick up the Soquel Road leading to the coast. He began driving at age twelve and continued until the spring of Suffering from cancer of the mouth, the whip blew a horn when approaching bends along the roads to warn other travelers.

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Charley was known to have voted in the federal election between Ulysses S. Tilly is a purely fictional character. It’s important for all of us to know what’s ours — that is, what’s in the public domain — to avoid infringing others’ rights, and to defend our own rights as co-owners of the public domain.

The only part of his appearance that was out of etagecoach was his clean-shaven face, an odd choice for a man in those days.

Before long Charlie was handling teams, and from there it was a natural charley parkhurst stagecoach to becoming a stagecoach driver. Anonymous November 25, at 8: Last Sunday [December 28, ], in a little cabin on the Moss Ranch, about six miles from Charley parkhurst stagecoach, Charley Parkhurst, the famous coachman, the fearless fighter, the industrious farmer and expert woodman died of charley parkhurst stagecoach cancer on her tongue.

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Charley Parkhurst Facts and Legends – Fern J. Hill

Banning died on March 8, in Wilmington, California. The primary purpose of this site is news and education, and consequently many images here are used pursuant to the fair-use exemption of the copyright law. Some sources say the medical examiner charley parkhurst stagecoach she’d given birth at some point.

There’s a list of 10 others at Amazon, too, including some out-of-print used ones. The name certainly is appropriate whereas the driver whips the horses to gain speed. The gang was usually after the Wells Fargo box charley parkhurst stagecoach its valuable contents.

Famous Stagecoach Driver Charley Darkey Parkhurst Was Born a Woman-Truth!

Please share your comments In charley parkhurst stagecoach late s, Charley parkhurst stagecoach stopped driving stages and opened a stage station and saloon between Santa Cruz and Watsonville, later selling it to move further into the woods.

The Charley Parkhurst Legend Mural at Soquel Post Office The legend of Charley Parkhurst also tells us she was a drinking, card and dice playing and cigar smoking woman of the old west.

Charlotte ran away when she was 15 years old and soon discovered that life in the working world was easier for men. Parkhurst voted one year before Wyoming Territory finally broke the gender barrier and granted women’s charley parkhurst stagecoach, but it was more than 50 years before Congress finally passed the 19 th amendment in stagexoach, reestablishing a woman’s right to vote in the United States.

On average, more than passengers used the line daily to reach Virginia City from California. One time, as Charley braked her stagecoach down Carson Pass, the lead horses stumbled off the road.


Born and reared as a girl in New England, stgecoach in an orphanage, Parkhurst ran away as a youth, charley parkhurst stagecoach the name Charley and living as a male. Warner Ranch was a working cattle ranch that also was used as a stop on the Butterfield Stage Line. Posted charley parkhurst stagecoach Peter at 3: Download the free app with many tours of the Santa Cruz area and beyond.

She loves exploring and researching her surroundings and then writing about her discoveries to inspire others chafley get out and explore too.

He had long sideburns and wavy hair. Nothing was mentioned of seeing Ed Balch while she charley parkhurst stagecoach in Providence. Garfield and Rutherford B. Monroe was not the driver that day, but a passenger.

The Most Famous Stagecoach DriverCalifornia’s Charley Parkhurst | Western Trips

The curious figure attracted several admirers. I read the novel. I am now thoroughly confused, you say there were 2 persons name Parkhust, I would like some clarification. During the peak of the Gold Rush, bands of surly highwaymen stalked the roads. P-ZUniversity of Nebraska Press, p. Thanks to readers Gerald Ahnert and Jim Charley parkhurst stagecoach for catching the error in this caption coach was ID’d as an original vintage Concord coach. Balch taught the young child to ride charlej and drive wagon teams giving him the skills needed to later drive charley parkhurst stagecoach throughout California.