I looked into other units costing thousands which were not affordable, but having used the ADVC with Edius Neo for hundreds of hours, I can say from first hand experience this device is a lot of bang for the buck. The ADVC will do that job? This is a really good forum. Show More Show Less. They should have at least 1. I did a little homework.

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If you need verification on image quality ADVC The tape player keeps rolling, but the digital image has now frozen or isn’t tracking right or whatever. The consensus on that forum was that the ADVC was ideal because my canopus advc 300 problem was that most, possibly all, of my tapes have numerous stops and starts, drop outs, unused blue screen moments, as well as the occasional physical crinkle in the canopus advc 300 from having been munched in the cam.

In the world of digital video, DV is hash. A built-in camera TBC canopus advc 300 that strong. It seems every time I turn around, someone gives me a piece of advice about something I hadn’t even thought of!

It needs a constant data throughput not available on USB. Or dumb DV box? It had terrible processing that could not be turned off or bypassed.


Canopus ADVC Specs – CNET

You may also canopus advc 300. This is well over tapes I’m making a project out of. The seems a mixed bag. I haven’t heard the name Formac in cano;us years. He said he owned many converters and that was the “only one” worth owning.

Any Edius software will serve for capturing. The boxes are very overpriced. Realize DV was never intended to be a capture format.

Mac capture options are pitiful. It has a single input, and 4x outputs.

Converter better than Canopus ADVC for Mac? – digitalFAQ Forum

No DV or Firewire. I keep harping on that because that was the one sole problem I kept running into when I tried doing this with a camcorder that I tried using for canopus advc 300 analog to digital.

I naively started encoding these tapes using a miniDV camcorder with analog ins and DV out, but I found out quickly that every time there is a glitch in the tape, the outputted digital signal freezes up the image, or the audio no longer syncs with the video, etc.

I don’t think any canopus advc 300 us will be able to tell you whether the Formac can handle signal drops. It will make adjustments to the incoming signal of canopus advc 300 old VHS cassettes.


Buy it, use it, resell it. So if I were to make a buying decision based solely on my canopus advc 300 of someone canopus advc 300 expertise Most have zero adv with audio. You retain control of how you want your converted files to look and sound.

The external full-frame TBC must still be in the chain.

Canopus ADVC 300 Converter

Show Printable Version Email this Page. TBC built in makes this a winner. No, definitely not addvc in buying canopus advc 300 new computer system for this project. XP instead of Win7? A Mac works great for things that it excels at.

I was really hoping that there was a box that would essentially guarantee me “walk away” reliability. For old stuff like Hi8 and VHS tapes canopus advc 300 should do nicely.