Ivan 17 November, Maurice 27 April, I wrote to ASUS and here are the instructions and links they sent me. Sam 1 March, Patrick 2 January,

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ASUS Smart Gesture Not Working [SOLVED] – Driver Easy

Estebons 7 May, I returned to 2. Still having the problem.

Denis 4 January, And if black’s not your thing the SmartTab is also available in the asus smart pad colour options: Ivan 16 October, I have now installed atk 1. Emanuel 11 January, My system was running v4.

One that sticks in the MeMo-ry? I had the same problem with Windows 10 Home. You are much better than Asus Tech Support.

Ivan 28 August, To solve it, I had to remove the old driver like this: I was ready to return the computer to the vendor! I did uninstall the Smart Gestures program and restarted my laptop prior asus smart pad running the setup file. Asus smart pad this and it mostly worked so I wanted to say thank you.


Thank you, I was on the way to return it backā€¦. That’s not to say that it’s a hefty chunk of tech though.

ASUS Smart Gesture and Windows 10 (touchpad solution) – Ivan Ridao Freitas

Mona 2 February, Had errors asus smart pad device not migrated, windows installer error, etc. Now I made a completed reinstall of Windows 10 and it is perfect, Windows 10 installed asus smart pad 4. If you need Smart Gesture, check if version 2. I tried in every way to install the Smart Gesture vx 4. Boke Yuzgen 12 November, I can see Smart Gesture icon in Control Panel and when I click, it opens his standard panel with options but my touchpad is not working of course.

Tex 6 January, Neo 7 May, Installed latest version of ATK 64bit. Will it recover to asus smart pad settings with smart gesture working version restored? I removed it and Scrolling was much faster and smoother.

Thank you in advance. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Angela N 28 December, I asus smart pad extremely frustrated with not being able to disable it.


I tested the latest Smart Gesture on Chrome and Firefox, and both have the zoom issue.