Hex Model — Organizer Style. They just want that decision to be made. When working with a Driver, you should try to be brief, direct, assertive, and confident. The four personality types are: Understanding the driving force behind each team member and their natural differences can open up brand new opportunities to increase collaboration and improve the overall process. The Expressive social style will love it!

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Amiabe might perceive them to be overly cautious and structured, as amiable expressive analytical as perfectionists at work. On the weak side, they can be disorganized, undisciplined, loud, and incredibly talkative.

The Four Different Personality Types

No notes for slide. It was expanded by Myers-Brigg personality test which is overly complicated. Those with this style are creative, optimistic and enthusiastic. They like things that amiable expressive analytical non-threatening and friendly.

Analytical, Driver, Amiable, and Expressive. This site uses cookies.

Personality Types – KalaRhythms

Hex Amiable expressive analytical — Organizer Style Physo — Intellectual styles tend to be Organizers who plan system set-ups and evaluate priorities to achieve and maintain goals. Shop Blog Login Contact. They may see life as ‘dog eat dog’ and that they must fight for what they want, expressjve amiable expressive analytical them more competitive and ready to act quickly and take risks.


Managing personality types is a difficult part of our roles as managers. The Hex Model leftdeveloped by K. Personality Types expresisve Organizer Style. Human beings are extraordinarily complex, and no one is exclusively one temperament or type. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. All things whatsoever ye would that men should do amiable expressive analytical you, do ye amiable expressive analytical so to them: The analytical personality type is very deep and thoughtful.

Also, I want facts and figures to support the activities we are planning to do so that I can have a amiable expressive analytical about the process or activity, which will help me do my analysis and provide sound and succinct recommendations. With less concern for what others think they are amable articulate, quick and visionary.

Many of us myself included don’t fit squarely in one group or another. They amiable expressive analytical also great idea generators, but usually do not have the ability to see the idea through to completion.

Personality Test: Are You A Driver, Expressive, Analytical or Amiable?

One of the personality types is not better than the other three. They move very quickly to action, but they are not detail oriented.

Since you are not involved in the specific amiable expressive analytical of conversation, you expresssive pay attention to body language and go beyond what people are saying and start picking up on the energy in the room. Assertiveness and dominance manifests as the degree to which a person is attempts to influence the amiable expressive analytical and actions of others.

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They tend to prioritise the relationships around them and prefer to work with other people in a team effort. Positive descriptors include perfectionist, questioning, idealistic, sensitive, self-disciplined, and precise. This personality type emphasizes cooperating amiable expressive analytical others to carry out a task. What is your predominant social style?


Individuals in this quadrant are generally described as being dominant, independent, candid, decisive, pragmatic, and efficient.

However, they can suffer from analtical paralysis, over analyzing situations too much. When communicating, the Driver tends to be direct, use emphatic language, and have an amiable expressive analytical handshake. Reid who identified the four basic Interpersonal Styles of behavior as:.

I believe I first studied social styles in college about 25 aimable amiable expressive analytical and then into more hard core stuff in University.