Even the weight and measurements of the device tend towards the 15 inch class, and the glossy display causes strong reflections. If I have it connected from a cold boot, the card will attempt to turn on with slow fans and then turn off on either laptop. Sort of like USB 2. Thanks to their concave surface and slanted sides, the 18mm 0. And with all the high-end components packed in, you might notice a formidable heat buildup. We welcome everyone and value all of your opinions but attacking another member for their choice in brands will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban without warning. The warranty periods range from 12 to maximum 48 months.

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Alienware 17r4 – My pain History, Two Laptops broken in 6 months. We take this as an indication that the Kepler architecture has a particularly efficient memory bus. I plug-in-ed a USB 3.

xlienware The soft typing feel offered by the keyboard is very comfortable. In fact, the noise emissions are so high that they overlie the game sounds.

m14x USB 3.0

Expensive is not necessarily good but sometimes it is worthwhile. We welcome everyone and value all of your opinions but attacking another member for their choice in brands will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban without warning. Increasing the Anti-aliasing to 2x, 4x and 8x showed a steady decline of 49, 47 and 42 fps, respectively.

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The lid, sides, and deck are all covered in a soft material that’s pleasing to the touch; we wish more laptops had this treatment.

I actually did get it to work briefly and then it stopped and theres nothing I actually did to fix it. Memory operations per second. However, alienware m14x usb 3.0 glossy display is susceptible to dirt particles and fingerprints. The Core iM m1x. When a notebook has Nvidia’s Optimus technology which switches to a less power-hungry GPU when unplugged and a inch screen, we expect good battery life.

The M14x duplicated 4. Review Alienware may have discontinued its inch notebook line, but gamers can still have their portable cake and eat it alidnware with the Alienware M14x R2. In fact, we classify most inch notebooks as thin-and-lights, so the M14x alienware m14x usb 3.0 heavy enough to bump it into the mainstream category.

Thanks to the decent black value 0. Except for alienware m14x usb 3.0 sound ports, all the interfaces are placed relatively far behind on each side, so as to allow enough space for the user to use an external mouse.

Broken USB Port 🙂

The goal of this technology is to achieve the optimal balance between performance and power usage. In addition, the keyboard four zones and the touchpad can also be lighted.

Classic gaming laptops too boring for you? While we wish there alienware m14x usb 3.0 a x p option, the M14x’s glossy display delivered reasonably sharp text; we noticed only a little pixelation when surfing to Kotaku and CNN.

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Hi Kaldon, there are quite alot issues with intels usb 3 controller chip which is integrated alienware m14x usb 3.0 now since ivy bridge. On some chiclet keyboards, only very skilled typists can manage as well as one might with this traditional design.

Most other models in this category are many grams lighter.

Desktop performance for Windows Aero. In real world use, the tiny SSD of the M14x leads to only the operating system ussb from its high performance.

Review Alienware M14x Notebook – Reviews

Although the battery life is decent, the mobility could have been better. Optimus is an automatic graphics-switching technology that flips between the discrete GPU for 3D-intensive tasks such m14xx gaming and integrated graphics for routine applications. Also on the left is a chargeable USB 2.

Yes, my password is: More From Natalie Geek The significantly loud noise emissions from the cooler fan under heavy load tarnishes the otherwise overall great impression left by the M14x. Aside from high noise levels under load, we could hardly find any alienware m14x usb 3.0 points of critique.