Configure and manage all your receivers for any size deployment. ScreenBeam solutions are used as the validation platform for wireless display functionality by companies like Microsoft, Intel, and leading PC OEM and device companies. Actiontec was founded in , is headquartered in Silicon Valley, and has offices worldwide. Utilize wireless inking native in Windows applications. ScreenBeam Mini 2 Kit.

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Actiontec ScreenBeam products are the standard by which the leading laptop, tablet, and smartphone device manufactures validate their new products. At customer meetings, just plug the ScreenBeam Mini2 into the display and project presentations, actiontec screenbeam.

ScreenBeam Mini2 Shatters Price, Performance, and Size Barriers –

Featured Content Miracast Now anyone in the actiontec screenbeam can connect and project, not just the participants within reach of cables. ScreenBeam Mini 2 Kit.

actiontec screenbeam ScreenBeam solutions make it easy to connect and bring BYOD content to the large screen, and collaborate actionhec touch display support. Remotely manage receivers at scale.

ScreenBeam Mini 2 – Actiontec Support

Actiontec was founded inis headquartered in Silicon Valley, and has offices worldwide. About Actiontec Electronics Actiontec Electronics brings expertise actiontec screenbeam innovation to broadband solutions that let people around the world connect to their favorite content, when and how they choose. No more searching different cables and connectors.


Interactive touch support, value-added services for medium to large deployments. Seeing is believing, get a trial. Share virtually actiontec screenbeam local or online content directly to a HDTV, wirelessly. Provides P2P connection between device and display, saving network bandwidth. Enjoy 4K content anywhere in your home without cables, no Actiontec screenbeam required.

Calculate your wireless display ROI. ScreenBeam is an official development partner for Windows 10 and is deployed in screenbbeam of Microsoft campus actiontec screenbeam rooms across the globe.

ScreenBeam Mini 2 Kit.

Unlike popular media players that support just a handful of apps and streaming services, ScreenBeam Mini2 has no content limitations. Our products — including whole home wireless solutions, wireless video and display devices, gigabit Ethernet fiber routers, and high speed Acriontec gateways actiontec screenbeam are carried globally by some of the largest broadband carriers, retail and online stores. In the past, actiontec screenbeam were forced to use antiquated media players connected to TVs or scrambled to find cables to connect devices to larger screens.

Up to full p30 HD Audio: Push firmware updates, actiontec screenbeam remote help-desk service. Enjoy 4K content anywhere in your home without cables, no Actiontec screenbeam required.


Turn the hotel room display into a large monitor for a laptop or mobile device.

ScreenBeam Wireless Display Receiver. ScreenBeam Mini2 helps users be more productive while on actiontec screenbeam road. Untethers teachers and actiontec screenbeam to move freely around the room. Everything you need to know to use it. Perfect for the Road Warrior.

Reliable, secure wireless connectivity for small to medium deployments.

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ScreenBeam Mini2 wireless display lets users actiontec screenbeam virtually any local aactiontec online content. The Actiontec Screenbeam Mini2 has passed our highest level of wireless display usage testing.

Improves collaboration with touch display support. Share virtually any local or online content directly to a HDTV, wirelessly. No matter what the application is for wireless display, ScreenBeam Mini2 is the perfect solution actiontec screenbeam home and actiontec screenbeam the road!