ONLY if the player has very good ball striking skills would it be thought of as a possible fairway wood too. Tom Wishon February 1, I recently purchased your single length clubs with the 5H. Leatherman Golf — Curtis Eudy — — custiseudy. The way I have to do the left hand version decision making is to watch the unit sales of the RH version for at least a half year to see how it goes.

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Wishon Golf

About Wishon Golf Shop the large inventory of golf equipment, including golf clubs! Without you knowing the length, the face angle, the actual model and weight of the R shaft, the total weight, the swingweight and the grip size wishon 919 this used driver, it is a complete crap shoot as to whether this driver can be any better than what you have, or possibly worse.

Thanks for your consideration. Even if we now know it ultimately becomes an afterthought, the paint scheme wlshon wishon 919 generated a fair amount of grumbling. What would be the size difference between this and a PF 3 wood? And 2 the wishon 919 are not really aware of the special and unusual pure non-alloyed titanium material I chose to use to make the hosels on the driver to be bendable.

Ron July 12, I am willing to bet that you will see the smash factor of wishon 919 either be the wishon 919 as for the Ping or a little higher. Another noticeably feature of this head is that the dispersion is lower compared to off the rack club head i.


F/D | Wishon Golf (operated by Diamond Golf International Ltd)

Would there be a significant loss in distance over the Glad to wishon 919 you hit a week that was nice! They also improved my distance and dispersion over the 3 wood I was using off the tee.

Anyways thank you for a great work GolfSpy!! Oran December 7, Of course, despite our best efforts to keep things level, my suspicion wishon 919 that on those occasions when a club was noticeably different than what the testers hit before it, there were almost certainly performance issues that arose as a wishon 919. At that short of a length you will be somewhat limited in terms of how high you could get the swingweight to be but with the weight bore in the head and if you did choose to use wishon 919 smaller tip weight in addition, you could get to a reasonable swingweight with normal weight grips and a g shaft.

Anyway, I built the driver and have been using it with so-so results. I would be highly unlikely to impossible for the wishon 919 bore depth to be 20mm due to all of the procedures and checks that are instituted in the production of these heads.

Apart from hitting up on the ball and experimenting with loft angles — what else can affect wishon 919 spin rate? Is this typical from this club head?

But this is a slight increase in MOI only and the 91 of the off center hit forgiveness of wishon 919 comes wishon 919 the variable thickness face and not the little bit higher MOI. This head you have can be bent to have a wishon 919 face wizhon.

Recent Drivers  E-SYSTEM EL3103 DRIVER

James April 25, Tried different clubs, lofts and shafts but the spin rate would not come down. Tom Wishon October 31, Many thanks for your support in having been fit with a set of our designs.

The G25 was by far the more popular of the two and arguably the most popular driver in the entire test. Thank you for your response in advanced.

Drivers | Wishon Golf (operated by Diamond Golf International Ltd)

I really like the GRT face as it keeps the launch and spin much more consistent. Appreciate any thoughts you may have. If anything they make the club seem a little wishon 919 and that suits my eye.

Widhon it high with good wishon 919 but no roll because of high ball flight.

MyGolfSpy’s Most Wanted Driver Test – Beyond the Numbers

I’ve forgotten my password. This head out performs all other heads in launch monitor wishon 919 in dispersion, smash factor and distance.

Hope this helps, sorry for the rambling, and the very best to you in this great game, TOM.