But I did find one pro to this device. I have read a lot of negative reviews about this product and felt obligated to share my experience. Architect44, January 11, Had a minor problem with sign-up, but that was because I mistyped my MSID into the setup wizard so it was my fault. I have used other mobile2go devices like the MiFi same equipment of Verizon and it’s ten times faster. See any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product. It’s slow, but you wouldn’t expect 3G to be especially fast.

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Contacting Sprint now to switch back. The MiFi device works as expected. I love that it’s month-to-month and I can top-up only when I need leave for a trip.

Hands on: Virgin Mobile’s prepaid MiFi –

You have to “lose everything” to get back online! And I expect a credit from them, since I just lost a substantial virgin mobile mifi 2200 of my paid service at a critical time! I’m really thinking of returning the device, because it runs slower more often than it does faster. By Sal Cangeloso Vitgin to say, that’s the only pro I can find.

How To Reset Your MiFi and Get Back Online with Virgin Mobile USA

But Virgin mobile mifi 2200 now realize its like they say, you pay for what you get and in this case you get trash!! The speed on this miFi is exactly as expected for a 3G network. Had a minor problem with mif, but that was because I mistyped my MSID into the setup wizard so it was my fault.


I was in Las Vegas for Cisco Liveand could not get online to prepare for and report from the event. I bought this MiFi unit from my local Walmart store. Easy unit to virgin mobile mifi 2200 laptop easily connects to it. Out of four emails to tech support, Movile received an answer to only one, and it was useless. I don’t know if I would recommend it for streaming, though.

I use with an iPod touch and on a macBook laptop. This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or virgin mobile mifi 2200.

I’ve used it every day. This miFi is totally awesome for what it is. I use this for email, light web surfing mostly news feeds with very little streaming video and light gaming.

Not exactly lightening fast but with low ping times compared to satellite, it meets my needs. There’s a free app that gives you unlimited text messaging on an iPod touch. I have download speeds as slow as 31 kbps and as mobipe as kbps. Connecting is still easy, the device has a full array of router-like settings, virgin mobile mifi 2200 the speed is A OK. Good product, for what it’s worth.


mjfi The cheaper plans are attractive, but users will have to keep in mind that MB will go very fast as will your battery if you have 5 users working through the device. I can’t get either of the above mentioned internet services and my satellite internet experience was not a positive one.

You might also want to read these other posts I bought this for my iPad and for times when I am away from my primary home-based Moile network. After service was restored, my Novatel MiFi was left in a state in which it would not connect, requiring a virgin mobile mifi 2200 reset and re-authentication.

FuzzyNJ, January 27, I’ve tested this on speedtest.

The prepaid MiFi might look cooler than the standard model, but they work just vkrgin one another. Tell us if something is incorrect. She doesn’t stress the connection, using mostly for email and Skype.