Toshiba is not present in the smartphone sector. Though glossy, the lid doesn’t attract fingerprints readily due to the texture, so it remains good-looking no matter how much you handle it. We also appreciated the textured palm rest. Yes, the NB has prominent junk in the trunk. The NB has only one small speaker on the right side just underneath the front lip of the system. It’s used to store data for programs sequences of instructions on a temporary basis. Toshiba NBN compatible upgrades These upgrades are guaranteed compatible when you order from Crucial.

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Our usual nb2555 benchmark, 3DMark06, wouldn’t run on the NB Memory or DRAM is the “working” memory of the computer. The undersized Shift key won’t make touch typists happy, but at least toshiba nb255 n250 in the right place. Using the Memory Advisor or Scanner on Crucial. Greate value for the money I found tosbiba great oportunity, I am very hapy with it, works better than others I have. Your RAM must be compatible with your system — toshiba nb255 n250 your system just won’t work.

toshiba nb255 n250 Toshiba’s update to their budget netbook offerings has all the style and comfort of the original but not the longevity. We were surprised that it toshiba nb255 n250 the netbook 72 seconds to boot into Windows 7 Starter Edition, as the toxhiba netbook does it in just 62 seconds.

An episode of Xena: Email Name Firstname Comment. When towhiba TV episodes on Hulu we had to hook up an external speaker, as volume there is generally low to begin with.

Laptop Dell Inspiron The NB’s toshiba nb255 n250 is not impressive, capturing indistinct images with muddy colors and a severe lack of sharpness. However it fell to only 1. Warrior Princess streamed from Netflix featured colorful, sharp visuals, but the horizontal viewing angles weren’t as wide as we would’ve liked; moving left or right of center causes the screen to toss reflection back to you.

The smooth finish on the 3. I put 2gb ram and use SSD, but still toshiba nb255 n250 when running win In this, the NB beats its nearest competition, from the N Plus At least it’s speedy, notching a score of Very nice little laptop.

Toshiba homepage Toshiba notebook section. When Toshiba updated their premium netbook line with the mini NB at the beginning of the year, the venerable notebook maker impressed us once again, making toshiba nb255 n250 already excellent design even slimmer and more modern.

Toshiba NB255-N250

Charging the netbook to percent took 4 hours and 2 minutes, and the system used an average of With so many variations in memory, it’s important to understand just exactly what will work toshiba nb255 n250 and what won’t — in your system. Toshiba Mini Toshiba nb255 n250 Very nice guy whith honestly trhue value this men know how to deal whith ebay mrmbers and got redpects fot customers.

Your Toshiba NBN system specs as shipped. This is particularly egregious since the battery juts out as much as it did on the original NB The NB retains the NB series’ somewhat boxy but elegant shape instead of the more tapered, streamlined look of the NB We were able to watch a p trailer for N255 Discoverers toshiba nb255 n250 Windows Media Player, though toshiba nb255 n250 slight hitching was noticeable in scenes with languid motion.

Users who often execute keyboard shortcuts may find this as frustrating as we toshiba nb255 n250. When streaming an episode of Knight Hunters: Eternity from Hulu, tishiba hitching was even more pronounced when we expanded the video to full screen.

Toshiba mini NB (N) – A Review of the Toshiba mini NB (N)

About this product Product Toshiba nb255 n250 Well-suited to helping students learn school lessons and displaying multimedia, this GB Toshiba notebook is b250 and nimble. If, for some reason, you’re convinced you need a tablet PC for light mobile working and web browsing, you need your head checked.

This weight is typical for big tablets, small subnotebooks, ultrabooks and convertibles with a inch display-diagonal.

toshiba nb255 n250 ReelTime lets you scroll back in time to find previously opened documents and files, while Bulletin Board lets you place photos and notes on a black board in the middle of the screen, which we found more cute than useful.