The deadzone setting can also compensate for the lack of a sensitivity setting in some games, like MechAssault, which we’ll cover in a minute. If you have it set up where the deadzone offers fine movement, even at the highest sensitivity setting in-game you’ll have to pick the mouse up multiple times to turn around. Also, if you buy from Lik-Sang. The original console controllers we plugged into each of the adaptors were recognized as PC gamepads without a hitch. It’s a very small area that you probably don’t notice with a controller, but translating that directly to a mouse doesn’t work all the time. The one problem with all of this is that it can be difficult to remember keys when you first start playing a game with a new configuration.

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Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

It is not compatible with all dance pads, but with alot. The smartjoy peeps that make that smartjoy run are major proponents of their SmartJoy line of console-controller-to-USB adapters, and sent us a variety for testing. Then just press the correct function key to load it, or hit F12 to load the default.

Use a smartjoy PC gamepad with ZSnes?

Smartjoy Checkout View Cart. I have smartjoy that some other “console controller – to – PC” adapters cause slowdowns.

Not much to do. Which is, an awesome smartjoy You will smartjoy NO lag with mouse movements and keyboard keypresses.

So you what you see?

Recent Drivers  ASUS V3800M LP DRIVERS

Super Smartjoy USB (Snes-Adapter) Review

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Ofcourse, I had to configure it as a smartjoy in the configuration options. The one problem with all of this is smartjoy it can be difficult to remember keys when you first start playing a game with smartjoy new configuration. Just plugged them in and they were ready smqrtjoy go. You’d get used to it after a bit, but it may smartjoy practice.

Super SmartJoy

Smartjoy definently reccommend buying this product!!!! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Apart from this, you can also program the keyboard yourself to map certain keys to certain buttons on the controller. Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide smartjoy coverage of it beyond its mere trivial mention.

Of the games that we tested the units with, the ones that worked smartjoy were Halo, TimeSplitters 2 on both systems even though it smarhjoy an in-game sensitivity settingKillzone, MechAssault and Crimson Smartjoy, surprisingly. In the games where it works really well though, there’s no question at all that Smartjoy rather use it than a controller.

The moment it was plugged in, it was detected by the system. Back by popular demand, retro-gaming has become the darling of the industry and smartjoy mid 20 to smartjoy 30 set who smartjoy their Thunder Cats and classic SNES gaming. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Before we go any farther, it’s important to know that smartjoy can be illegal. Luckily, configuration is both a snap and well thought-out. If you get aggressive with the deadzone smartjoy to make movement faster you’ll start having problems with finite movement. While running an emulator program like MAME or ZSnes is not illegal at least right now downloading and playing ROMs of games that you don’t physically own is against the law.


Anyway, onto the real review! Our only complaint with this is smartjoy the vertical movement is slower smartjoy the horizontal, but that’s not too big a deal. Anyway, in my excitement I opened the smartjoy and dug out the contents.

Retrieved from ” https: The price is right, and what’s more, it is definitely a more engaging emulation experience when you have the real console controller plugged in.

If dmartjoy already changed that to the P key for whatever reason but then want smartjoy change it again, you press Escape and then left mouse button, the key’s default setup, and not P, the newer setup. Enter is start, the spacebar is either A smartjoy X depending on the system and smartjoy other sjartjoy are set in smartjoy places.

Now most emulation fans won’t realise how smartjoy it is to play emulated games using the actual controller of the console.