I am on a network, but only because I have a notebook and a desktop and I want to sync the two. Try this Internet site: I will try to summerize known bugs and where available solutions. Which Linux distro and desktop are you using? If you use “uhci” you may want to try the alternative driver “usb-uhci” and vice-versa.

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mustek ub driver for windows 7 – Microsoft Community

July 26, I need your help! I am on a network, but only because I have a notebook and a desktop and I want to sync the two.

I’ve installed this and given it an initial try out and it does seem to do the job. If you get greenish images, update to SANE 1. You are logged into reality as ‘root’ logging in as ‘insane’ is the only scanexprwss option. July 25, If scanexpress 1200 ub doesn’t work, see below.

Many thanks for the information – I would never have found this without your help. I’m using Fedora 11 and this does not seem to offer the Nautilus – gksu package, but I’ve found what Scanexpress 1200 ub think is something scanexpreds – Scanexpress 1200 ub. These devices have a hardware bug: And how do I get Linux to accept actions without recourse to these constant file permissions?


Scanexpress 1200 ub once again for your help. This Mustek USB backend is based on that driver. I want to install scanexpress 1200 ub in Fedora Try this Internet site: There are no updates currently. I’ve had this message in Terminal. The gksu extension for nautilus allows you to open files with administration privileges using the context menu when browsing your files with nautilus.

Mustek scanexpress ub plus driver download

I will try to summerize known bugs and where scanexpress 1200 ub solutions. I’ve tried to create a launcher link and have done so – but it won’t work.

This I can’t do because file permissions say only scanexpress 1200 ub wcanexpress can do this even though I am logged in as root. What it would seem I need to do is change a line in the file gt68xx. This file has to be in a specified folder which I have had to scanexpress 1200 ub for my scanner to be supported.


Mustek scanexpress 1200 ub plus driver

I am slowly getting up to speed in Terminal, but it is a tortuous process. Another reason scanexpress 1200 ub greenish images has been reported: Please login or register.

Most of the older files are also available, especially for testing and hunting bugs. If it doesn’t exist, add the line.

Howto: Install Mustek 1200 UB Plus scanner on Ubuntu 11.10

Scanexpress 1200 ub can’t type sudo on its own Many thanks for your invaluable help. An example entry Mustek USB looks like this:. If you need to add your account to the sudo group Code: See also the section about FreeBSD.

I’m still scamexpress scanexpress 1200 ub run it from Terminal, but once there Nautilus is more right clickable than it was. I’ve right clicked and copied the file in ‘Downloads’. Please write to henning meier-geinitz.