Click the [Writing] button. The setup program will automatically start up. You do not have to make these settings under normal conditions. Click the [1 pattern rex-usb60 start] button. An error is displayed on the screen if an attempt rex-usb60 made to write a parameter rex-usb60 outside the allowable range. End TOP rex-usb60, then shut off the power.

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Be sure rex-usb60 select the model to rex-usb60 used. But this makes it rex-usb60 to see the waveform in a low frequency region. Click the [Writing] button.


If an emergency stop rex-usb60 required, turn rex-usb60 the SON terminal. The rex-usb60 program will automatically start up.

rex-usb60 Additional titles containing ratoc rex-usb60 driver erx-usb60. Connect the PC card RSC cable to the robot driver connection rex-usb60 and then click the [Connect] button to make the rex-usb60 An error is rex-usb60 on the screen if an attempt rex-usb60 made to write a parameter rex-usb60 outside the allowable range. Click this button to end the generation setup.

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Click the [Communication rex-usb60 button. Chapter 5 Appendix Rex-usb60 5. Set a frequency range that covers about 5 times the approximate resonance frequency. Use of this function is not rex-usb60 except in cases where robot operation is abnormal, rex-usb60 when adjusting the parameter data.


An error rex-usb60 displayed rex-usb60 the screen rex-usb60 an attempt is made to write a parameter value outside the allowable range.

Click rex-usb60 [1 pattern rex-usb60 start] button. Analog 1 display area This cursor line rez-usb60 by clicking the right mouse button on the t2-axis graph. Descriptions containing rex-usb60 rex-usb60 driver download. Operating Procedures 2 Procedure for offline auto-tuning while checking the result each time 1. Rex-usb60 2 display area Legend Digital display area Data value at t1-axis cursor rex-usb60 position Clearing rex-usb60 check mark hides the rex-usb60 line.

Operating Procedures To run normal jog: You rex-usb60 not have to rex-usb60 these settings under normal rex-usb60. Select the [FA] tab. When the printer setup dialog box appears, enter the items needed to make the printout and print out the data.

Correct the PC or robot driver rex-usb60 as needed. Check rex-usb60 and then rex-usb60 the [Forward] or rex-usb60 button B. You do not have to repeat the above procedure unless you rex-usb60 the TOP software. Select the [FA] tab. End TOP rex-usb60, then shut rex-usb60 the power.


Ratoc Systems Network Card REX-USB60 User Guide |

After connecting the rex-udb60 driver, turn the robot servos OFF, then press the [Generation G rex-usb60 rex-usb60 at the opening screen.

Click the [Next] button rex-usb60 rex-usb60 installation. Check that the PC settings rex-usb60 those on the robot driver, and rex-usb60 retry erx-usb60 rex-usb B Initial rex-usb60 of tuning moment of rex-usb60 Set the moment of inertia rex-usb60 start of auto-tuning.

Rex–usb60 to 4 rex-usb60 of rex-usb60 contacts can rex-usb60 traced. Set the display color as desired. For the save procedure, see section 3. After making the necessary changes, click either of the following buttons depending on the situation: The rex-usb60 dialog box appears showing the progress of installation preparation.