So no halo on your desk, while you move the mouse. I engaged in tedious modifications – removing wrinkles from a face. However, to store it you must first remove the battery cover to access the storage bay — it would be nice to have this port outside the battery compartment. Its reliability is enhanced to the utmost, to make sure the users can use it at ease. It is in accordance with the energy-saving trend.

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Its new masterpiece P provides the users with new 5G wireless mouse and offers them experience of unprecedented and rapoo 7100 mouse operation.

Rapoo is innovative in providing the users with the right to choose to use one or two batteries.

Rapoo 7100 mouse swinging the wheel left and right, you can pull the Scroll Bar horizontally, which makes web surfing more convenient. Cons Additional buttons and customization are unnecessary extras. The Innovative concept of weight control by battery.

Rapoo 7100P Wireless Optical Mouse

rapoo 7100 mouse But a closer look shows its attempt to stand out from the crowd with such features as three extra buttons, two settings, and an additional driver that allows custom button functionality. Great for people with average hands who want a highly responsive mouse without changing batteries every six weeks.

The compact mouse that comes in black, red, green and grey colors options uses 5GHz frequencies compared to the commonly used 2. The wireless connection operates at 5Ghz, which separates it from many forms of common interference, including Bluetooth and the majority of Wi-Fi systems.


Small design allows portability and comfort. A gentleman is more likely to enjoy the weight, and he will place two batteries inside, so that he needs not worry about changing batteries in rapoo 7100 mouse following 18 months; while a lady is likely to choose to place only one battery inside so that she can raoo the light weight, rapoo 7100 mouse one battery still has a life time of 9 months.

Rapoo P 5G wireless mouse product review

It is very reasonably priced at Rapoo 7100 mouse The size of this unit makes it tempting to use on-the-go, rapoo 7100 mouse, it lacks a pouch or case. It felt good in the hand, and the two DPI settings are eapoo for those who prefer either a slower or faster cursor movement. Wireless Power Is Coming. Once the mouse sends out movement signal, the receiver gives back reaction signal moues make sure the transmission is successful.

The USB dongle is perfectly sized for securely plugging into a laptop port. Design and Function The P measures 1.

This mouse also features 5 gigahertz anti-interference wireless transmissions. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

However, I rarely used the additional buttons unless I pressed them by accident. Rapoo P wireless optical mouse has a similar generic-design but hosts a lot more buttons and options for a smoother and better use. The P we received came rapoo 7100 mouse an artful metallic red design that some miuse will immediately love and others, well, not-so-much.

The scrolling wheel has a cut-patterns for a better grip while scrolling and the gleaming faux-paux metal trim adds a lustre. Rapoo p gives an option to shuffle the sensitivity of rapoo 7100 mouse sensor values between and dpi. See the two arrow rapoo 7100 mouse on the sides of the wheel? The box comes with the optical mouse and a USB wireless receiver. A shiny plastic panel that nests the scroll wheel as well as the dpi buttons wedges the two standard buttons on either side which are slightly concave.


Rapoo’s P Mouse Offers DPI Switching For Gamers – The Mac Observer

I tested this function with a game, but I also was curious about other uses and tested it by modifying a photo which is something I would be more rapoo 7100 mouse to do. Rapoo takes the lead in launching 5G wireless mouse in the global market, offering a solution to the interference problem. Rapoo 7100 mouse may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. For a more comfortable experience, lefties should take a look at the Editors’ Choice Logitech Couch Mouse Mwhich has an ambidextrous design, but is considerably more expensive.

Stronger security is required

The manufacturer claims that the mouse will work from a distance up to 30 meters, but expect less a little less than kouse rapoo 7100 mouse you live in a test chamber. The plastic, chrome and rubber wheel clicks and spins effortlessly, although it never feels like a premium product. New experience of unobstructed operation.