Only one cable now! No worries, though, it include a small drivers CD with the necessary Windows 7 x64 drivers. I use it exclusively with OSX and I cannot recall any driver issues, though that doesn’t necessarily help you. The other reason being, as mentioned the Keyspan is “shrouded”. No, this cable is for serial connection to use laptop for console connection into Cisco gear. No responses from Moschip yet.

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The only time I had a problem with was when I absentmindedly unplugged the adapter while seerial was still active with it. Drivers are easy to find on the main product page.

Click here to download the latest drivers. No responses from Moschip yet. Prolific-based USB-to-serial adapters work under Snow Leopard, using the open-source driver from sourceforge.

Thank you for submitting your review! I could cut away the shroud on the Keyspan or alternately constantly carry a short M-F DB9 cable, but that’s a pain.

I’ll moschip usb to serial it also wouldn’t work with a Cisco console cable.

MCS7715 — USB 1.1 to Single Serial and Single Parallel Controller

Yes, I could take the aircard out, but since it’s in eject mode, I have to keep it Gorilla-taped in. Sign up using Email and Password. The added benefit is you can install the ethernet server near the device and access it moschio. However this moschip usb to serial has a working copy of the drivers: Have 4 of these plugged into it so moschip usb to serial PC can tell the 4 displays to power on and off daily.


Not a big deal but I’d love to see this form of packaging grow out of favor. Do not include HTML, links, references to other stores, pricing or contact mochip. Quatech make anything these days?

User’s Manual – SW The fault was in a driver file named ser2pl Tried several different driver moschip usb to serial, from the ones listed in other user comments and the link in the knowledge base, and even Win7 pointed me at a drivernone worked.

We will give you a call as soon as a representative becomes available. We will get this discrepancy corrected as soon as possible. At seriaal display end, I udb a Cat5-DB9 adapter to switch it back.

MCS7720 — USB 1.1 to Dual Serial Controller

Reviewer Nickname Leave blank for anonymous. If the software is ever updated by Moschip, it will likely overwrite this change. Moschip usb to serial with the newest drivers from them, works with everything, always has, no glitchyness. That way, if the cable fits it works.


Get a USB to Serial adapter with standard thumbscrew connectors so you can make sure you have a secure connection that won’t accidentally come apart. Finally moschip usb to serial to using the physical COM port on the motherboard and voila, no issues. Sign up using Facebook. Does anyone know of any updates for this driver, or are there any ways to get the driver to work with Snow Leopard?

Sewell InstaCOM USB to Serial Adapter 2 ft, with Posts, –

I’ll give it a go when it shows up, which I would assume would be Monday order going in tonight derial update then. There is a solution to force this moschip usb to serial cable to work with Snow Leopard while waiting for Moschip to update their drivers.

Their stuff is awesome. This cable would not work for that purpose.

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