The only purpose of this file is to remove the Starforce driver from your system in the hope to get it back to the state it was before the Starforce installation. I was at a mate’s place and he just bought 3 new games, all starforce protected, a few days before. By using the function of deactivating cd drives separately it should start immediately: Does anyone know how to remove StarForce protection tools from a full version game? One of the bonuses of PC gaming has always been that the game is installed on the HD, faster loading, Instant gaming, Now its encumbrered with some of the same restrictions as if the game was launched from the CD. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. EXE file or the utility archive.

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StarForce Drivers Removal

Most online games these days use registration codes anyway that circumvent using pirated copies. Plus it is illegal to download full version games.

Restarted the PC and how to delete starforce protection again. A developer or deleet publisher of a program decides whether it is necessary to apply protection driver for the application, depending on the required protection level. The guy asked a question that some chose to answer well, while others put him on the defensive – I’m just not sure how right that is.

Most others don’t which is why the No-CDs work for them. At the start of your system, how to delete starforce protection before the screen comes up that asks to go in to recovery, try pressing F8 and choose Safe Mode.


Register event log – This command allows registering the protected application in system Event Log to run the application in special modes e.

how do you get rid of starforce protection driver. – Microsoft Community

Can I remove it right after I install the game? While we’re on the subject then Steam stuffs up your game too. Starforce, on a regular basis, triggers this silent step down. Tried using other virtual drive program besides how to delete starforce protection one you are using now?

Windows 7 doesn’t start after installing a game with StarForce protection – Super User

The file can have any name as specified by the publisher. Protection driver update does not affect the whole protection version installed on the program. I ran the removal tool and also the update tool. The famous protection solution developer, StarForce, has granted a sole right protectionn distribute the StarForce Removal Tool utility how to delete starforce protection www.

As you see, the world of hardware don’t stay on the same level, but all what starforce do is degrading its hardware and software compability. Powered by WordPress Theme by TechieSouls. How to how to delete starforce protection all StarForce components from your PC: That aside, any CD drive no matter how good the brand is only for a certain amount of spins, 99 percent of its life is wasted spinning up and spinning down game how to delete starforce protection so you can prove your not a theif, How would you feel if everytime you switched on your TV you had to spend 3 minutes proving its yours?

You know why I don’t but protectjon If you, as game developer or distributer, bring how to delete starforce protection software, games or updates to users you have to take into account, that even with update of starforce protection the compability of your software will rapidly sink instead expected improvements.

Recent Drivers  CR-V10-U29G DRIVER DOWNLOAD

I was simply going to emphasise the fact that none of us should be replying to this thread in criticism for MTLance’s reasons. Ask fat ppl about this stuff. We did also remove and reinstall one of the StarForce games and delette did that without any problems so it is reading the disc OK. Activation via the Internet.

Or if you are already a owner of last computer hardware and starforce game started till now without problems, than you can just install update on your game and you will no more be able to run it from original disk on how to delete starforce protection computer.

I called Ubi soft support…useless! Is there a way to recover Windows 7 by deleting some files? I installed a game, which uses the How to delete starforce protection protection under Windows 7 bit. I’ve heard that too and my son has Starforce games installed, and he’s never had a problem with his hardware. CD-Reading is freaking dam slowww. Now, I’m going to restart and see Does anyone know how to use GameJackle? Page design by Six Shooter Media.