ASCOM components will not be able to talk to each other if any one of the components is run as admin. For more information see Working with TheSky section 1. Similarly, it can not reach http: Bisque Software Bisque, Inc. Using TSX to try to connect to a telescope gives the message: After this I would have expected to be able to change the Latitude and Longitude but I could not. Can you access the mount from a web browser directed to both http:

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Please go to the Astro-Physics Driver web page for their driver and associated software.

Jun 25, Cannot connect to Gemini. Without that feedback I have to assume that the drivers are compatible with Win The only way I knew how to kill it was to reboot the laptop.

But I don’t see it asdom my Task Manager. I ran some further tests based on Brian’s suggestions. I chose Public and Private network types. Vixen Sphinx external link Driver for the Vixen Sphinx mounts.


This driver provides both telescope and focuser interfaces each of which may be used by separate programs.

Connecting Laptop to Gemini 2

You are asdom to visit and look around here, but you will not see the premium support sections until you are a DC-3 Dreams customer. Driver name users, in the Chooser: Have you tried both starting Gemini. You listed your firmware revision levels.

Gemini Firmware required for Ascom driver? NET Connects and works fine.

See the help file and release notes! I also see that your DNS Server entry is odd. This driver has been supplied by the manufacturer and has passed all conformance report here.

Renamed the previous firewall rules to get them out of the way. This web page is five years old but I have found nothing newer so have to assume this is still accurate information. May 2, Go to the actual executable file in C: Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

The button leads to David’s web site for this driver as well as other info on DSCs.


Connecting TheSkyX to ASCOM Driver

This driver works with either alt-az mounts like a dobsonian or equatorial mounts. Observed no firewall rules added by the installers. The author provides a self-contained installer. I ran TheSkyX as Admin.

Telescope/Mount Drivers

Features are limited, and end-of-slew detection may be unreliable requires adjustment of encoder resolution. I noticed later, after sorting by name that two similar rules already existed. Vixen SkySensor 6. I recall being able to log onto Gemini from my laptop. I am using the G11 mount with Level 1.

This driver provides combined telescope, focuser, and dome interfaces each of which may be used by separate programs. This has made no difference either.