Elad offer ready to use high and low pass filters as well as band filters for the ham radio bands. For example the manufacturer plans a server component, which will allow remote operations. But the Elad can be retrofitted with an external preselector. I tested the version 3. As an add-on Elad is offering the very interesting SFE

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It is possible to import the the Eibi frequency list in CSV format. The patent pending tuning system offers three mouse operated dials fpr ‘coarse’, ‘middle’ and ‘fine’ tuning, resulting in a very precise and fast tuning over the entire range. Databases,memories or DX-cluster information is super-imposed on the spectrum field and move around while you’re tuning.

Add to shopping cart. Tweaking the settings of the two manual notch filters is a bit cumbersome. The Perseus has the lead by only a small margin, because its audio is a tad biased towards treble and thus more intelligible than the Elad. Since my purchase about a year ago eladd FDM-S1 “Sampler”,as Elad calls it,has surprised me with its quality and versatility. Customer specific antennas telescope antennas etc.

The DX cluster is linked to a server of choice and updates while you are DXing. But usually you will not want to perform any big changes. Except in large signal performance. When using the ‘undersampling’ function, the receiving range is extended up to MHz, albeit with reduced specifications. The boards are partially assembled, and come either with or without relays.


Then it will probably be able to catch up with the Perseus. For this dlad the serial interface protocol is documented, which is used by the SPF to select a filter. With some clever configuration of the SFE board the package can serve as a MHz all mode receiving system, leaving not much to wish for. Another consequence of the new AD converter is the improved receiver in elar VHF range with undersampling.

Receiver and Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Some nice extras in the software is the wide user configurabilty of demodulation parameters. This server will reduce the required bandwidth, so that slow data lines can be used for remote access. But the Elad can be retrofitted with an external preselector. Additionally the new AD converter has a word length of 16 Fcm-s1, which allows for a finer resolution and an improved dynamic range.

FDM-S1 Receiver – Ecommerce ELAD srl

Unfortunately it is not known at the moment, if this software extension will be available for free or as a payable option. The software of the receiver provides means to adjust band edges for each filter, where switchijg eelad occur. This interfaces which is not an RS interface is provided with the frequency information which in turn can be used to select one of the eight filters.


On the board the I2C bus of the SDR is available for frequency control, further 7 individual switching signals can be used. But it can’t beat t he NB of the Perseus software. So is this a meaningful comparison?

Elad FDM-S1 Product Reviews

The filter width can be set very precisely and individually per mode. This allows the demanding radio amateur or SWL to design filters perfectly matches to his or her requirements.

The Perseus remains largely in the linear range. It is not as easy to use as the Perseus software. I have not experienced any overload on MW or HF with reasonably large antennas.

FDM-S1 Receiver

So if you select a given frequency, all other settings like mode,stepsize,antenna,downconverter,gain,attenuation,etc are automatically recalled by the software. A transmission schedule for DRM is supplied with the software. After an initial setup all filter selection is fully automatic.