Thes inputs are not supported in 3rd party applications though, just with the supplied software. I had spent hours before hand fighting the camera to get it to work in a browser. May be of use to someone one day but it has certain hardware requirements. I am actually using blue iris as my software for over 2 years now. If you can start the software, click on the “Utility” button on the main screen, then “System Information”. Edited March 1, by Guest.

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A week at a time is presented, and you may zoom-in on any particular day. Anyone know of a 4 channel card with 4 chipsets and wdm drivers thats reasonably priced???

Conexant Fusion 878a EZ View 4 Channel Driver

The Run alert now has the ability to run again when the trigger is reset. Hence, I am on the lookout for a new monitoring app, By878a don’t mind paying for it if its worthwhile. Thanks for your time. Similarly, if you had to install an “English Pack” update then, again, it is illegal software.

It also allows you to get the PC a few inches closer to the wall behind the machine as the flexible connection cables allow you to route the input leads much more easily. Make sure when installing the driver you select generic 4 input card and no TV tuner.

They are all version 5. Our new range of capture cards for use the BTa chip but with a modern card design using the latest components and techniques bringing the tried and tested technology right up to date.

Recent Drivers  TM1029 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

DirectShow integration provides optimal capture performance.

Camsecure Blog ยป BT DVR Cards

Control the speed of playback audio as well as video and the audio volume. You may select a motion sensor hot spot in addition to the mask. Online Live Chat Give us a try! Jeff, I googled around last night and found several people saying the same thing that you are saying about only 1 input working.

In conclusion this our best buy for compatability in the DVR card market at present as it works with its own software supplied with the card, Works with Windows WDM and therefor any vvr that uses these drivers and also works with Linux and Zoneminder. DirectX integration provides smooth digital scaling. Yes there bt8788a good free software but I can’t for the life of me find the link or remmber the name of it If I find it will post.

Posted March 1, These heatsinks glue on to the chips and if you purchase the heatsinks at the same time as a card we will fit them for you.

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At Camsecure we supply 3 x different models of capture card which use the BTa chip. The card also has a row of alarm input pins along the top of the card which can be used to trigger recording and alarms from auxillary devices when used with the supplied software.

Even if you do get that card to work it looks like no bt cad will let you have any color controls or brightness, hue, cadr. However if they are fitted in a PC with a card rack cooling fan and not surrounded by other cards which are also producing heat then they will be just fine.


Right clicked on screen selected add camera, selected video tab and selected usb, firewire, analog. I did read somewhere soon after though that Pico is now not car to be bundled with DVR cards.

Your other alternative is a dedicated hardware DVR. Digital Zoom and Pan functionality. On bf878a Schedule options page, control the function of the Traffic Signal icon.

In the past i have set up 16 camera systems with windows XP using 4 pieces of 1 chip 4 input cards, framerate was about 7fps on each channel.

I have emailed the seller of the card to see if they can provide details on the DVR card chipset And nimrod i am very expeirenced with blueiris so let me know if ya need any help.

By stuffed in forum PressF1. If the cards are in a cramped PC with a lot of other cards and no card rack cooling fan br878a definetly yes – fit heatsinks dbr try to dissipate as much heat as possible.

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