Click on Transmit – New. Commonly used features are print-to-fax, fax broadcast, fax receive to PC, fax auto print and desktop voice messaging. You will also have to set your fax software to automatically receive faxes. Also, you might check the playback volume in Voice System Setup. To do this, a patch cable is needs to connect the modem speaker to the speaker-in port. Ensure that only Default Mailbox Greeting is checked. A schedule window shows pending transmissions.

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However, there is a solution:. We recommend you use speakerphone mode in data mode for best results.

Text placement was very primitive with only left justification, tabs and carriage returns used for formatting. The user is never really sure if their mouse click has registered on the tab. You will get your own private fax number.

The 56E, 56VE and 56I modems support both these features, other models support neither feature. Computer Associates, the developers of BitWare, maintain a technical butware site at http: The program also attempted to auto-detect the modem’s type, but was unsuccessful.

INI usually in c: Printing fax logs is one of these features.

Once the Bitware installation is complete, setup Bitware again for Distinctive ring and you are ready to go. Faxes may be sent to multiple recipients via the phone book window.


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Click on Transmit – New. You can transmit, receive, store, and recall your voice, fax, e-mail, and pager messages from a single location. The Call Waiting function or line noise cause can also cause Phase D errors. Faxes are sent directly to the users PC over their internet connection making it easy to access faxes while traveling or out of The Office. Provides never busy fax and fax broadcasting.

Sending Faxes Like all of the other fax programs Bitware offers two methods for sending faxes. Click Commandsbitwware select Macros.

External High Speed Fax/data Modem Cheyenne/hayes Bitware Windows F/d Software | eBay

Thus typing ‘attachments’ will find information of adding and creating them. The dit-dit tone indicates the number does not exist. If you wish to be thorough, also remove any references to BitWare in the bitwaee c: If the modem only reports Phase B errors and drops carrier when using Distinctive Ring from within Bitware, please do the following applies to Bitaare Voice 56VE modems only: This tells the service where to send the result report back to.

Recent Drivers  CANON FC9-5040 DRIVER

Scheduling of a faxes is fairly simple.

If for some reason you cannot connect, do the following: The other option is to go to: Check for noise on the line with your telecommunications carrier, eg. Generally each Bitware screen encompassed a single function, however, all options required for that function were on screen or just a mouse click away.

These tabs can be used to quickly find the first entry in the fax recipient list that had it’s sorted field fall within the tab’s range.

The Bitware software claims to ‘clean up’ the appearance of incoming faxes and indeed this package consistently had the best resulting faxes. A later attempt through the setup function properly detected the modem.

Unlock, repair and debrand your Samsung mobile from home by cable. For output file, type in the name of the file you wish to save the log as, modrm. Under Mkdemensure only Fine Mode Transmission has a mark or cross.