Optical Drive Safety Information Altogether four USB 2. However tt is to be marked that our test sample was not new from the factory and revealed some marks of aging like scratches. Eventually I was able to go to an Asus reseller and see the A6Jc in person. Rarely you find 4 USB of 2. About This User’s Manual

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With two cores running, it means you can have you background notebook, such as virus checking and running Media Player, while running other tasks, such as Word or even editing video in the foreground with no obvious lag. While it doesn’t have the same tactile feel or flexibility, the chassis is attractive and sturdy. Models With Sonoma Chipset Of course, there is the original Windows XP home as well.

ASUS A6J Notebook Reviewed – TechEBlog

It is overall well-designed. Touchpad can be easily disabled if you use a mouse and the Power button is for, well powering your notebook on and off. Sporting a Dual-Core T 1. Loudspeaker The loudspeakers sound somewhat dull and can not really convince. However, other people could prefer the higher WSXGA resolution, as you gain some sharpness and can fit more on the screen.


Not one for the ladies, but still attractive for men. Special Keyboard Functions It is a little on the heavy side 2. Comparatively high heat emissions and therefore also noise emissions are quite negative features.

The mAh lithium ions battery only results in average runtimes.

Keyboard As A Numeric Keypad Ir Wireless Communication on Selected Models Guidelines For Using Ir Communication Please, switch off ad blockers. These metallic and stylish buttons are cool to look at and stiff to touch. The speakers are located on the lower front part of the notebook, pointed somewhat down. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

They can be used to set the power configuration using Asus Power4 Gear softwareaccess noteook mail client, launch your Internet browser, disable touch pad and power x6j.

Intel’s all-new next-gen processors will be ready this time next year. Using Ac Power I cannot be more pleased. The arrangement of the interfaces is quite favorabletoo.

Or maybe, I am just careless. Excellent build quality — keys, buttons, and screen firm and well built Great Duo Core and graphics performance Classy look Beautiful screen Carbon fiber material Inexpensive Wealth of connectivity options I like the mouse! The display cover noetbook the left lower area is likewise somewhat wobbly.


If you use a 2. I have yet to try out the customer support, and am hoping that I would not need them! Hard Disk Drive As one of the first machines to feature Core Duo we’re surprised that there isn’t any price premium added to the system, which is definitely a good thing.

Asus A6Jc Review

Fifty percent is quite enough processor power for everyday office tasks. I would prefer if it would alert you of new mail through the indicator lights whether the email program is open and work with any client rather than just Outlook. The interface equipment of the Asus A6J can be called complete.