Unless donunus ‘s cousin is in the USA, those horns will cost a fortune to ship. Another way to write it is it never sounds entirely right to me in a small room or through headphones, so I’ve given up on reproducing live bass at home. Nov 17, Likes Received: Take care, and God Bless! Dec 13, Likes Received: Nov 17, Likes Received: I’ve not used the B’s for anything since I got them, many years ago, but have used the B’s in medium sized PA cabinets, and like them, quite a lot, actually.

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Altec Lansing H-811b 811 B Horn

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Parts Express has plenty of compression drivers. Measure the woofer at full range alhec the crossover. Any important constrains you have, like space for cabinets, woodworking skills or lack thereof, budget, etc? Every Good Wish, Doc. Dec 13, Likes Received: The was used without a cabinet so perhaps that is the difference.

Much appreciated, and God Bless!

Nov 17, Likes Altecc Super Best Audio Friends. I guess that, someday, I’ll have to play with them, and with the Altec drivers that I still own, and see how I think they sound to my old, tired ears. CspirouJan 8, If I were to go to one pair I’d keep the s as they are more versatile and look cooler. Yes, my password is: LetMeBeFrankJun 6, And, to top if off, I was driving it with a crumby old, Quadraphonic!!


I’ll have to get to know the acoustics protesters well, as they also have a dummy head. I think that, for now, I’ll just leave both sets of horns where they are, and when time presents, will have some fun with them, just for grins.

Thad E Ginathom and Wilson like this. If you’re worried about the horns ringing putting some non hardening modeling clay in the lips deadens the horns. I haven’t upgraded, but they’ve given me many years of great service. No, create an account now. Thad E Ginathom likes this. Apr 4, Likes Received: I would think that, if they were mounted properly and tightly to an enclosure, that should dampen the 811v, at least somewhat, eh? Hi Doc, You may find these measurements useful, so throwing them into the hopper: Me, I am addicted to the sound of well done horn speakers, but some people find them annoying.

Aug 4, Likes Received: You can also do what Altec did on later s where they didn’t weld the joints in the vanes but instead filled the gap with some kind of rubber. Plus those drivers are made Europe, and in particular Italy, where real instruments are played in every home.


Altec B Horn + Big Woofer DIY System | Super Best Audio Friends

Sebastopol, Sltec Home Page: Crossing higher, orI hear no difference between s and s. Would be fun to get to use this stuff to measure some speakers and headphones. I even used them crossed at 1st order with no problems in home use with Altec 811v but JBL s used on the crossed at hz 1st order “clacked”.

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