Both clients and servers. Cisco SocialMiner Administration administration. A remote code execution vulnerability in the Framesequence library could enable an attacker using a specially crafted file to execute arbitrary code in the context of an unprivileged process. A remote code execution vulnerability in libskia in Android 7. Use-after-free vulnerability in the mozilla::

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Multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities in Gnew Cross-site scripting XSS vulnerability in bookmarklet. An issue was discovered in certain Apple products.

This is caused by mishandling of serialized data at phar: Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System admindocumentworker. The Red Hat module-setup.

A remote attacker could exploit this vulnerability to expo. Cisco Mobility Services Engine does not properly set up the Oracle SSL service, which allows remote attackers to obtain an unauthenticated session to the database-replication port, and consequently obtain sensitive information, via an SSL connection. The XListFonts function in X. This made a denial of service attack possible. FFmpeg Block Parameters flashsv. Huawei HiSuite In China before 4. The MagickRealloc function in memory.

Recent Drivers  CP3505X DRIVER FOR WINDOWS 7

A local user could view a plain text password in a Unix console. The kernel in Apple OS X before Easily exploitable vulnerability allows unauthenticated attacker wit.

An attacker with access to the Kibana Console API could send a request that will attempt to execute javascript code.

Linux Kernel Length Variables keystore. A vulnerability in the server backup function alcatel-luceht Cisco Prime Infrastructure could allow an authenticated, remote attacker to view sensitive information.

The agent and task-agent components in Symantec Management Platform 7. Admin user of the vROps application with.

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Citrix Provisioning Services before 7. By persuading a victim to visit a malicious Web site, a remote attacker could exploit this vulnerability to hijack the victim’s click.

WLS – Web Services. In Go before 1. Jason A Donenfeld cgit Filesystem ui-summary. Buffer overflow in traceroute-nanog aka traceroute-ng may allow local users to execute arbitrary code via a long hostname argument.

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Svnserve in Apache Subversion 1. Difficult to exploit vulnerability allows unauthenticated attacker with network. FFmpeg Quantization Matrix indeo4. Symantec Workspace Virtualization fslx.



Remote attackers can cause a denial of service in Novell BorderManager 3. This vulnerability allows users to embed arbitrary JavaScript code in the Web UI thus altering the intended functionality potentially leading to credentials.

Linux Kernel Virtual Machine Support arm. Accellion Kiteworks appliances before kw